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Mimi ON May 23, 2012 AT 1:39 pm

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Hurrah! The sun has finally come out in many parts of the UK and everyone is rushing to sit outside cafes and restaurants and pretend they’re on holiday. But we must all remember that even sitting in the sun here in the UK can cause a nasty burn which can lead to dire consequences. So we need to cover up and use a sun-cream even when it’s a stolen hour at lunchtime to catch a few rays.

Alongside taking precautions both here and abroad it’s always worth keeping an eye on your skin. Cases of melanoma are on the increase and although it is treatable, as with most cancers, the sooner changes are detected the sooner the cancer can be treated for good.

We have all been told to report anything unusual, moles that darken, or change shape or other types of skin blemish that just doesn’t feel quite right somehow… You must visit your doctor even if you think it’s nothing – it could save your life!

Because it’s not always easy for us to identify skin cancers and the causes of skin cancer can also be confusing, it is always good to know that alongside your GP there are others you can call on for help and advice. With this in mind AXA PPP healthcare have planned a live expert chat all about skin cancer to help give advice on keeping safe and what to look out for on their cancer centre.

So on Tuesday 29th May between 3pm and 5pm an AXA PPP medical expert is available to answer all your questions LIVE!

Professor Nicholas Stuart, Professor of Cancer Studies at Bangor University and honorary consultant medical oncologist who trained in oncology at both Birmingham and Oxford Universities, will be available on the new Cancer Centre to discuss ways to prevent, diagnose and treat skin cancer. He will help you with checking your moles and choosing a sunscreen – and with so many available, in a host of varying SPF grades, UVA or UVB filters – who doesn’t need a little help with the technical jargon?

If you miss out on the chat then all the useful sun care guides can be found on the ‘be healthy’ section of the AXA PPP website to keep you informed. Here are some of the fab tips – but do go visit there are lots more on the site…

No sunscreen offers full protection, so follow these tips too when you’re in the sun

Stay in the shade between 11-3pm when the sun is high and at it’s hottest.

Cover exposed areas like arms and legs with close-weave clothes to protect against harmful UV rays.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head – your scalp and ears can burn!

Wear sun-glasses to protect your eyes – wrap-arounds are good – and look for those marked BS EN 1839:1997 with a UV 400 label which offer 100% protection against UV rays.

You can also get in touch through Facebook and Twitter, and AXA PPP can get back to you shortly after Professor Stuart’s expert live chat.

For any other help or advice on cancer, not just skin cancer, then it’s well worth visiting the AXA PPP Cancer Centre.

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