The Future of Interactive Fitness

Jourdana ON Aug 13, 2013 AT 7:56 am

Gym workouts can be rather vacuous affairs. Unless you’re blessed with a trainer who gets you – your body, goals and preferred training style – knowing exactly what you should be doing (and getting the right results) can be hugely problematic. And so you go through the motions. Manual machine workouts, moving haplessly between pieces of equipment, and then some rather inefficient stretching until, suitably bored/having filled your allotted hour (whichever comes first) you hit the showers.

Technogym Artis

Technogym’s freshly rolling-out Artis machines hope to quash these wasted workouts.

Part personal trainer, part personal entertainment centre (connect to your personal account and surf the web, scroll through Twitter, connect to your iPad/Iphone, watch a film, search for #Fitspiration on Instagram,or even video-chat on the 19″ widescreen) and of course, part workout equipment, the new Wellness on the Go integated Artis line combines the very best, and most cutting edge in interactive fitness.

From the Vario (a souped up version of the classic elliptical trainer, offering easy-on-the-joints cardio-focussed lengthy stride, step-up and elliptical movement options) to the Kinesis (a piece of intuitive and intelligent inbuilt resistant equipment that looks like art for the gym), the true genius of Technogym’s new technology lies in its ability to personally customise the Artis machines for each gym-goer. Set your screen layout, select your workouts and track your progress anytime, anywhere via smartphone, tablet, smart TV/PC or mywellness key options. This could well be the future of wellness.

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