Andy Bates Talks Pies!

Mimi ON Mar 06, 2012 AT 2:06 pm

Andy Bates

Andy Bates

Andy Bates from the Food Network is the ambassador of the new Camden Town iPhone App. Andy will feature as virtual guide, taking visitors on a tour of the area, showing them the best places to eat and drink. With his own market stalls across London, Andy is a street-food expert and is a huge fan of Camden’s culinary offerings.

We talked to Andy Bates about pies, we asked him if there was such a thing as a healthy pie..ever hopeful!

BATD: What are your tips on making the best pies?
Clean hands and a clean work surface to work with. It is also important to have quality ingredients for the pastry as well as the filling and most crucially some patience for pastry – you might not get it right the first time but keep at it!

BATD: How do you avoid a soggy bottom?
Cook your pie on a shallow tray in the oven to allow air to circulate properly. Check your oven temperature too, all ovens vary so it is important to find the right temperature for your pies in your oven.

BATD: What do you think about shop bought pastry, are there better ones to use?
The only pastry I ever buy is puff pastry, it is fine to use shop brought and I’d advise an ‘All Butter’ Puff Pastry for the fluffiest of pastry.

BATD: Is there such a thing as a healthy pie?
Yes, definitely! The larger the pie you make, the less pastry per serving. But my top tip would be to enjoy pie and make it as indulgent as you can!

BATD: Give us some ideas for new fillings?
Try wild rabbit, bacon and tarragon – a winning combo! Rabbit is very easy to come by these days, try your local butcher for great cuts and good quality.

BATD: What are the most popular pies us Londoners love?
We love all pies – hot pies, cold pies and sweet pies! For me, my customers love a cold raised chicken and ham pie served with homemade piccalilli – delicious!

BATD: Where can you get good pies in London?
Eat My Pies of course – come visit me on Whitecross Street Market on Thursdays and Fridays and Broadway Market on Saturdays.

To download the app for free visit the iTunes store and search for ‘Camden.’

The Camden Town app sees Andy explore the wide range of different tastes and cuisines, from gourmet restaurants to traditional market food. With his intuitive understanding of good food and a will to tease his tastebuds, Andy gives his personal take on the area through a curated tour of exclusive video content, and demonstrates that there is something for everyone in Camden, from home-cooked delicacies in Camden Lock Market to Gordon Ramsay’s renowned York and Albany. The app will also allow people to access special offers through the Wedge reward card from restaurants and bars throughout the area.

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