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By Krista Madden

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion: First of all I love that it comes in a pump, there’s something about the pump, I just love it for how quick and easy it is. The formula is super rich and really absorbs quickly into your skin, which makes it perfect for getting dressed straight after. I love it for after my morning shower and my skin feels very nourished and smooth all day. No drying out by the afternoon, the benefits seem to last all day.

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My Skincare Secret:

Cleansing, you need to understand how important cleaning your face really is, your skin deserves so much more TLC than a quick wipe before your head hits the pillow. So put down your phone, leave that last scroll through Instagram until the morning and get yourself in front of a sink full of warm water.

You will need a set of flannels for the week and a good cleanser, plenty of it, you are going to start cleansing 3 times in 24 hours, yes I said 3 times!

Having said that you will only need a small amount of cleanser each time, depending on what you prefer a cream or an oil you will discover what works best for you. I tend to want to clean my face as soon as I get through the door, just after I’ve raced into a comfy tracksuit / PJ combo, being home for me is all about comfort and time to relax.

So I start by rubbing my cleanser really thoroughly over my face, using a massage technique that goes around eye sockets, concentrating on circular movements on cheeks and don’t forget that jaw line and neck > remember that’s where you buffed your bronzer in the morning.

After you’ve really covered your face, get your flannel that has been soaking in warm water and put this over your face, have the water as hot as you can stand, holding the flannel to your face will really open up your pores to ensure a thorough cleanse. Not too hot though, you don’t want to encourage any broken capillaries. Once you have cleaned your face, do this all over again. I once had a facialist who used to clean my face 6 times at the beginning of a facial, believe me when I say it’s important.

Because you are massaging your face you are boosting your circulation; this helps with lymphatic drainage so de puffs your face, increased blood flow will make skin look healthier and keep wrinkles away. Using a flannel will also mean you are exfoliating your face gently by regularly, keeping your complexion brighter and smoother.

Make sure you do this again in the morning, just the once though. Overnight your skin will have shed and you will have sweated, so you need to remove those dead cells and start the day with a fresh clean face. The massage will help wake you up too.

Toss your flannel in the wash in the morning and start with a new one the next night, you don’t want the bacteria that develops to hit your open pores and cause any spots.

This is a really simple routine to get into and I promise you will see an improvement in your complexion.

If you look out for the #aveenoskincaresecrets on twitter you will find our http://www.handpickedmedia.co.uk/ bloggers sharing theirs too, see what beauty tips you can pick up.

I would like to invite the lovely Jen at Jen On Beauty to try out and share her skincare secret with you too.

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