Exclusive Interview: Sandra Bullock

Mimi ON Feb 01, 2012 AT 9:09 am

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

We can’t wait to see the upcoming film Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (out on 17th February). So to get you excited, we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Sandra Bullock, who plays the protagonist’s mother, Linda, in this touching film.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close centres around Oskar Schell, an 11-year-old inventor, Francophile, and pacifist. When Oskar finds a mysterious key that belonged to his father (Tom Hanks), who died in the World Trade Center on 11th September, he is determined to find the lock it opens.

In his pursuit to solve the mystery, Oskar travels throughout New York’s boroughs encountering a diversity of people, each a survivor in his or her own way. Oskar’s journey is an inspirational example of the healing power of self-discovery.

See our interview with Sandra Bullock below and watch the the Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close trailer at the bottom of the page…

Sandra Bullock as Linda Schell in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Beauty & the Dirt: Are movies that are adaptions harder to do?

Sandra Bullock: Yes, adaptations are universally dreaded and impossible. And I would say that there would have been some dread, had it not been Stephen Daldry directing it, Eric Roth having written it, and Scott Rudin having produced it. You get all those elements together and you’ll just see a plethora of work that is nothing but quality, depth, commitment, and artistry that you don’t get most places.

So that eliminated any doubt that may have crept in. But it really wasn’t there. You hear Tom Hanks is on, you go, “Well, it can’t be all that bad.” Then you hear Max von Sydow, Zoe Caldwell, Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright, and on and on. And then they find this magical little spirit called Thomas Horn, who they pluck off of TV from Jeopardy. And there you have a movie. If they had not found him, they would not have been able to make this movie.

BATD: Did you spend a lot of time with Thomas Horn before filming the movie?

SB: Yes from November [to] March, we had a lengthy rehearsal process. The nice thing about Stephen Daldry coming from the theatre is that you get your rehearsals, and you get to develop characters in relationships that you don’t normally get to develop.

Sandra Bullock and Thomas Horn in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

BATD: What appealed to you about playing the role of Oskar’s mother?

SB: I loved that it was his point of view of a mother that he thought was in absentia, a woman that he thought was not the right parent to still be on this planet. Her grief didn’t allow her to step up as a parent. I love that the grief was dirty and it was complicated and she didn’t have the answers. She struggled and fought with him when she should have been a mother there comforting and helping. All those things made it that much more interesting to play.

Stephen told me, “Do not go in and nurture Thomas. When you see him upset, do not go in.” And it was so hard, as a human being, not to go in and comfort this angel. So, it was tricky, but it was exactly the way it was supposed to be because I knew at the end, if you didn’t get that, it wouldn’t have been an experience I think I wanted to be a part of.

BATD: What was your favorite scene in the movie?

SB: There’s a scene [that’s] not in the film… I was just sitting at a table doing bills while Tom and Thomas were at each other doing this Taekwondo, Kung fu, (I don’t know which one he was doing, but it’s very specific, and not the one I’m mentioning). And I’m just watching Tom Hanks ad lib with this child and you go, “That’s why he’s Tom Hanks.” Your heart just explodes and you’re laughing. It was one of those moments as an actor when I didn’t have to do a thing and you just got to take in this moment in time and go, “In my lifetime, I was able to watch that.” And it just made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Check out the trailer below..

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