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by Brooke Varney

coco-chanel-vogue-1-19nov14-douglas-kirkland-bCoco Chanel at work; featured in Coco Chanel: Three Weeks/1962.

It’s hard to think of a single designer as famous and celebrated as Coco Chanel.  It’s not a surprise, given the luxury empire that she managed to build from the ground up as a woman in the 1920′s.  It’s fascinating to think what a day in the life of the remarkable Miss Chanel herself would have been like, and thanks to Douglas Kirkland’s new photography book, we have a pretty good idea.

6_ZZ8R1HY1p1WwRLxnCBVcsjr2FYDzHMIIDlzo3ABt4gwCoco Chanel in her Paris studio.

Over just three weeks in 1962, Kirkland developed a friendly relationship with Chanel, photographing her in her apartment at the Ritz, at her studio preparing for a runway show, and on a weekend trip to Versailles.  Throughout the book are 118 black and white images, with passages written by Kirkland in between.  One such passage recounts Kirkland’s first meeting with Chanel, in which he says, ”I assumed, like many French people at the time, that she didn’t speak English.  Then one morning I turned a corner in a narrow hallway at the atelier and found myself face to face with her.  She looked straight at me and said ‘Salut.’  I froze, not knowing how to respond.  After a beat, in her low voice, she said in perfect English, ‘I just said hello to you.’”  Iconic.

coco-chanel-vogue-2-19nov14-douglas-kirkland-bChanel models in Coco’s apartment at the Ritz.

coco-chanel-vogue-4-19nov14-douglas-kirkland-bCoco Chanel in her car in Paris.

Click here for the deluxe edition which includes a signed print by Douglas Kirkland, or here for the standard edition.

coco-chanel-vogue-3-19nov14-douglas-kirkland-bThe deluxe edition of Coco Chanel: Three Weeks/1962.

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