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Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in In Time

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in In Time

We sent our spy down to meet the leading actress of the new sci-fi film, In Time, Amanda Seyfried yesterday. Read the interview below to see just what she thought about the costume selection, what her favourite beauty products are and who she turns to for her red carpet looks…

by Alan Greenhalgh

‘How can we help you?’ asked the concierge at the desk blocking the lifts of The Savoy Hotel London, but when I said ‘Room 214′ I was waved through with a knowing look and a whispered ‘good luck, fingers crossed’. As I headed along gold and pale green striped corridors, now lined with cables and gaffer tape, each open door revealing studio lights, TV cameras and sound equipment, you could tell Hollywood was in town and it doesn’t get much brighter than the star I was there to meet, Amanda Seyfried.

As I was ushered in she was caught off-guard smelling the fragrant pink roses, saying how beautiful they were. Forget the flowers, it’s Amanda that lights up the room, dressed with casual elegance in cream trousers and a midnight-blue ruffled sleeveless blouse, neutral make-up of soft browns and pinks, immaculate thick glossy blonde hair, beguiling and honest green eyes.  She’d already kicked off her Chanel heels and was ready to talk make-up, style and why she loves being a movie star by Alan Greenhalgh.

Amanda in In Time

Amanda in In Time

What appealed to you about the  sci-fi action movie In Time?

It’s different. It felt fresh and exciting. I read a lot of scripts and they are all the same. The director Andrew Nicoll makes high concept films and tells amazing stories.  I already knew it was going look a very stylistic movie, as that’s what he does; and he showed me a lot of storyboards and photographs with the tone he wanted. It was a timeless look with so many styles from different eras.

It is a really stylish movie, tell us about the costumes.

The amazing Colleen Atwood - who has worked with Tim Burton and has won Oscars, Emmys and Baftas for her work –  she did everything in the movie and my favourite outfit was an incredible long, grey jacket and the way it looked with the gun and the boots was a real ‘bad ass’ look, it felt very strong and hard. Really empowering.

Amanda Seyfried in Prabal Gurung

Amanda Seyfried in Prabal Gurung

How about the make-up for the movie?

I had to go from a blonde to a brunette so we had to darken my eyebrows and really lay on the eye make-up. We used lots of different length false eyelashes from putting in individual ones in to full-on glamour for the casino scene. I got obsessed with the idea and it was so fun that I got home at night and started using fake eyelashes in my private life, but it got too much work in the end. For the time imprint on the arms which plays such a big part in the movie, we used CGI. Everyday we were painted with four dots so that the camera could line up the numbers; the only time we had to use green tape was when for the underwater scenes and it kept washing off  (when Amanda says ‘we’  that’s co-star Justin Timberlake with whom she gets naked in the water).

The film has chocolates and golds was it a look you could get into?

I really enjoyed the look but there’s not enough colour in that for me. In the movie each time zone had a completely different feel  - the darker colours for Dayton and an off-the-shoulder look in glossy New Greenwich.  I love that kind of look – one shoulder dresses, across the top but able to show some skin.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake at the In Time London premiere

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake at the In Time London premiere

Being a movie star means ‘red carpet’, how does that work?

I was turned on to the fashion designer  Prabal Gurung by my stylist Elizabeth Stewart and I’ve worn a bunch of his dresses on different shoots over the last couple of years so he invited me to his runway show. I really love what he does and how it makes me feel. What makes it so special is the way his clothes fit, the cut and how they make me look feminine. It always feels right when I put his stuff on. I had such a great time and told everybody it was my first and the only fashion show I’ve ever been to.

I don’t have a full-time stylist as I don’t do much when I not promoting a movie, so when I need it Elizabeth brings a bunch of outfits out and I choose.  A lot of designer shows have, maybe, ten percent wearable but I loved every single thing that came down the runway; each one is something I would wear. I love the colour, the purple, the swirls, the raw silk long dresses and the weight. He’s amazing and so Elizabeth was able to get one of the dresses and I wore it for the premier in LA.

For the UK premier, though, I am going to be wearing Eco from H&M.

Alan with Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried & Alan Greenhalgh at the The Savoy - 31 October 11

You get voted the most beautiful woman in the world so tell us about your skincare and make-up?

Clé de Peau Beauté asked me to be their spokesperson and over a year-and-a-half I’ve got closer to them and to understand what I’m meant to do. I have never really been a spokesperson before and they came to me and said I had the kind of radiance, an inner glow, they liked and so I try to represent the brand. They send me a lot of the products, especially the make-up stuff and when I do all these photo shoots, sometimes over three days, I have Lucia Pieroni, who is their colour creator, and she’ll show me what’s new, put something on and teach me what I’m meant to be doing.

I get given products to test and I didn’t realise how much I love painting my eyebrows and became addicted to it, and so the Cle de Peau brow palette is a must have for me. All of a sudden your day-time look turns into something and I don’t normally wear a lot of make-up.  So now I have a night-time look with one eye-shadow, because I like to keep things simple and they have  a great concealer I can use to cover up with, although if I get a pimple I use toothpaste. When I’m not working I go hiking everyday and I just put their daytime cream all over my face and neck.

What’s the upside of being a movie star?

Well, I get so many amazing opportunities. I get tables at the best restaurants, I get to travel first class anywhere.  I got to go to Japan and they showered me with such a warm welcome.  People are excited to meet you and I get to make an impact on millions of people. If I want to support something I can get people involved just by being a public figure. I love it. It’s awesome and I need to use it more, but I don’t use it a lot as I’m kind of shy.

Shy is so cute on Amanda Seyfried and what you notice the most about her is how genuinely warm she is, we had our photo taken and she put her arm around my waist, it’s not that many movie stars who reach out, are gently animated and are so beautiful, naturally.

In Time is out in the UK on today 1st November 2011. It’s a fast-paced, socially relevant and extremely stylish film and co-stars Justin Timberlake, Cillian Murphy and Vincent Kartheiser.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE stills from the film and to watch the trailer…

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