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Mimi ON Oct 13, 2011 AT 12:38 pm

Julianne and Ryan strolling in Paris

Julianne and Ryan strolling in Paris


Does she think they are similar as people? ‘Definitely. We joke that we are the same person. We are our biggest competition. I am never satisfied with what I’ve done and it’s the same thing with him.’

Does she feel that her relentless drive has affect her previous relationships badly – she was engaged to dancer Zach Wilson and then went out with country singer Chuck Wicks. They broke up in 2009? ‘Trust me. I’ve been in relationships where it’s been like that. Because I am driven and I have my goals and my craft and I’m doing everything so I can get somewhere some men feel emasculated by that. We definitely don’t have that problem here. Ryan is very successful at what he does and I am on my path. We are doing different things. I’ve never met someone that’s been so supportive as Ryan has been. I’m very lucky.’

They are also both so very busy. In the past Seacrest, 36, has not been too successful at juggling his enormous career with relationships. It takes someone who is independent and never needy to deal with that. Do they get to see each other often ? ‘It’s definitely hard but we make it work. It’s funny watching us trying to make our schedules work. We’re literally lying in bed right next to each other going OK, I’m here this day, let me see yours. Maybe I can fly here when you’re off for these three hours. And we’re going back and forth like that.’

Julianne and Ryan

Julianne and Ryan

Has she ever thought of working on something together? ‘Oh goodness no. Both our careers are very different.’ She says with determination that they will never mix business with pleasure

Did he visit her on the Footloose set? ‘He came on set once and it was a scene after Kenny (Wormald), who plays Ren, had done his angry dance and I say something like “You think I’m a slut. Let me show you something.” And Ryan is like, “What. Wait. What are you going to show him?” So that was quite funny.’ In reality her character was about to show her softer side.

The movie is about a town in the South that has banned dancing because it is deemed to be dangerous. But the newcomer in town thinks otherwise and shows it’s an important emotional if not spiritual release.

Is Ryan a good dancer? Do they dance well together? ‘Yes. What’s great is he’s not insecure. So even if he isn’t great he’ll do it anyway.’

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald in Footloose

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald in Footloose

How do they like to spend their time together. We work out outside a lot. We like hiking and we love to cook. We are always making guacamole. I used to never think about what I ate because I was always dancing and super skinny. When I stopped dancing regularly I blew up and put on 20lbs. so now I have to work out and it really sucks.

Does she ever just stop? ‘Sometimes I’ll have those days where I want to each chocolate and I’ll put on The Notebook (a weepy movie that weirdly is also Leona Lewis’s favourite). But most of the time I stay busy otherwise I feel I’ll get sick, that my body will slow down…’

There seems little chance of slowing down. Next up she’s in talks to star with Russell Brand in Lamb Of God, a story about love and religion.

Most of the time she prefers not to go to bed with a movie. ‘If I get new Louboutins or Brian Atwoods or Miu Mius, the first night I get a pair I think they’re so awesome I have to sleep with them.’

Good to know there is always room in the bed for shoes.

Catch Julianna as the lead actress in Footloose from Friday 14th October and watch the trailer HERE…

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