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Mimi ON Jun 19, 2012 AT 11:40 am

SJP doing the promo rounds for I Don't Know How She Does It

SJP doing the promo rounds for I Don't Know How She Does It

The lovely Sarah Jessica Parker, whose claim to fame comes from a slew of romantic comedies, and a little television show called Sex and the City, now stars in I Don’t Know How She Does It, a comedy centered on Parker’s character, Kate Reddy who redefines the working woman. In this exclusive interview with SJP, we discuss her thoughts on the role (as a mother of three herself) and life in the spotlight.

What do you think of Kate’s character, who juggles being a businesswoman and mother?

SJP: I’m really quite in awe of Kate and millions of women like her because, there is so much ferocity to the business and chaos in her life that I really don’t feel that same kind of relentless pace, because my work is very different; I have liberties that most working women don’t have. So, I was so taken with Kate’s story and millions of other women who do it far better than I do but with much less support and I am no position to do anything but to learn from others.

What do you live by, as a busy actress and mother yourself?

SJP: I do but it’s really corny! It’s the golden rule…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I Don't Know How She Does It

SJP with Pierce Brosnan in the film

Tell us what you brought to this movie role from your personal life.

SJP: There are things that are obviously familiar on a set, you’re trying to create an environment that’s real, how you hold children, and the way a child needs to be held, and the aggression that mother has was helpful for me in playing the role of a mother. Even the small things, like the way we throw food into a bag and call it a lunch, certain things a mother gets used to that no one can teach.

How do you do pull of the easy-chic mother look everyday as the photographers snap pictures of you every day outside your house?

SJP: I live in New York City, and it’s a city that we want to live in, much like London and it requires that you leave your house and be on the street and thrown into the rest of the public. It doesn’t really change how I look when I get out the door because there are practical things about being a parent, and without question there is a fight everyday on putting socks on, or we forgot something in the kitchen, or its pouring rain. These are all elements of living in a city, and how I look is really dictated by my children in many ways. It’s the practicalities that dictate my wardrobe.

What’s the difference between you as a mother, and Kate as a mother?

SJP: I feel like other women do it so well! I feel like other women should be telling their story and I shouldn’t be telling mine. It’s with no more ease, comfort or grace that I do it, and I know millions of other working women do it. I really just want to contribute and say that I think the storyline is about the other mothers, and that I get to play one of the special ones.

I Don't Know How She Does It

I Don't Know How She Does It

Obviously, you are always on a best-dressed list, and considered a fashionista ever since your role as Carrie on Sex and the City. Is that also true for your personal life?

SJP: It’s not the identification that I have for myself but I recognize that I played a character for a long time that had a great devotion to the fashion world, and I certainly have enormous regard for fashion designers. I love a well-made dress, and a beautifully-made shoe, and it’s a privilege to borrow them. But it’s not paramount in my mind, although a wonderful thing to be a part of; it’s not a bigger part of how I see myself.

One of the main themes of I Don’t Know How She Does It is the guilt that comes along with motherhood and the choices that are made. How do you deal in your life?

SJP: I like to call it conflict rather than guilt. Guilt makes me feel like there is something bad; there are women who will object to the choices that Kate makes in the movie, but the choices that she makes are the best things that she can do for her family. She feels guilt a bit because it’s projected on her, and recognizes that she loves being a wife and mother but is also at a really important time in her career. It’s an internal conflict that a lot of women feel; the guilt that I feel is more man-made, than reality.

Since motherhood is a consuming time in anyone’s life, especially a Hollywood actress like yourself, have you ever considered taking a break from work and focusing on family?

SJP: I have made a lot of choices not to work because it wasn’t good for my family. But I never thought later on, that I should have made it work. I always felt like it was just needed from me. It is so rare to be able to pick and choose, but I have great babysitters, though they don’t live with us, they spend a lot of time with the twins. Matthew and I go to the theatre, and go to dinner occasionally. It doesn’t happen as much during the school year, but I love putting the kids to bed and sampling in time for us.

Any chance that Sex and the City will be back soon?

SJP: No, not that I am a part of; definitely not in the near future.  Just something that were not talking about now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I don’t see a television series happening because it’s too much time away from the kids. Maybe a movie in the future but we’ll see!

I Don’t Know How She Does It was in cinemas last September watch the trailer HERE…

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