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Mimi ON Sep 22, 2011 AT 1:39 pm

Oh Land

Oh Land

You may not have heard of the pop songstress, Oh Land (aka Nanna Øland Fabricius), before but trust us… she’ll be everywhere soon!

The Danish singer, who’s background has been in Ballet as she studied at Royal Danish and Royal Swedish Ballet schools, recently head to Brooklyn to work on her brand new album with Dan Carey (The Kills, Franz Ferdinand and Hot Chip) and Dave McCracken (Depeche Mode and Beyoncé) and the result is a fab array of electric pop songs that are super catchy!

We’ve managed to pin the gorgeous Oh Land, down between tour dates and ask her a little bit about herself and her life. Plus if you haven’t heard her music before, watch the video below our interview and be prepared to be impressed!

BATD: Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Oh Land: I’m a musician from Denmark and I make cinematic, electronic, pop music.

Oh Land

Oh Land

BATD: What influences do you pull from for your music?

Oh Land: All sorts of places; from Bulagrian women’s choir and orchestral music to David Attenborough.

BATD: How do these influences and your music also affect your personal style?

Oh Land: I like to have nature and tribal elements in the way that I dress. Nature is my biggest musical and fashion inspiration. On stage I like to feel like a bird. If it feels like nature, I’m in to it.

BATD: How would you describe your style in three words?

Oh Land: Urban forest warrior.

BATD: Do ever shop in London/ UK? If so what are your favourite shops/ markets/ areas for picking out pieces for your signature looks?

Oh Land: Dover Street Market, Spitafield Market and Goldbourne Road.

BATD: What’s your beauty regime like? Easy and relaxed or do you prefer and more perfected look?

Oh Land: In everyday life I almost never wear make up. On stage however, I almost can’t wear enough make up! It’s normally tribal inspired and sometimes all glitter.

Oh Land at Roskilde

Oh Land at Roskilde

BATD: What would be your essential beauty products for an evening out on the town?

Oh Land: Sisley lip balm, Yves Saint Laurent pink lipstick, Chanel face powder and eye drops.

BATD: How about for festivals and gigs? Do you have any products you couldn’t live without when your touring?

Oh Land: I can’t live without face wipes. Sometimes I can’t wash my face before getting into the tour van. I also like to use hydrating mask when I’m flying a lot.

BATD: What will you be wearing on this year’s festival circuit?

Oh Land: Hunter wellies, an Armani shawl for the evening, a custom made raincoat dress from Michael Angel, and my Sonya Reikel sunglasses.

Oh Land

Oh Land

BATD: What are your plans for the future?

Oh Land: Touring and touring and touring until there is no city that I haven’t played!!!

Quick Fire:

BATD: Red Lips of smoky eye?
Oh Land: Red lips

BATD: Vacation or staycation?
Oh Land: Staycation

BATD: Bikini or cute one-piece?
Oh Land: Bikini

BATD: Electric nails or traditional French mani?
Oh Land: Electric nails

BATD: Maxi dress or mini dress?
Oh Land: Maxi dress

BATD: Flats or platforms?
Oh Land: Platforms

Find out more about her here > www.ohlandmusic.com

Follow her on Twitter here > www.twitter.com

Watch Oh Land’s music video for ‘Son of a Gun’ here:

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