Exclusive Interview: Alexis Jordan

Mimi ON Jul 12, 2011 AT 1:18 pm

Alexis Jordan

Alexis Jordan for 'make mine Milk'

We love the 19-year-old pop sensation Alexis Jordan and her cute, quirky style… oh, and her music isn’t half bad either!

She is the latest celebrity to join the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign and we’ve managed to sit down with her and ask her a few pressing questions!

BATD: How are finding London? What brings you over here?

Alexis: It’s not my first time here, but the weather is amazing right now! And the people are so friendly here. And Topshop is amazing too.  I’m here to support the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign’s 2% Fashion competition.  It’s a really cool competition – all you have to do is design a t-shirt which communicates that milk can be low fat and you can win some really cool prizes!

BATD: Your first single ‘Happiness’ was huge over here, how would you describe your music?

Alexis: Universal – anyone can listen to it, whether old or young it should appeal to everyone.

Alexis Jordan at the ELLE Magazine July 2010 Women In Music Issue Celebration

Alexis Jordan at the ELLE Magazine July 2010 Women In Music Issue Celebration

BATD: Are you a fashion lover?

Alexis: Yes! I do love fashion but I don’t think it’s the most important thing. It’s important to keep it real.

BATD: What’s your favourite red carpet look?

Alexis: Classy with a little bit of attitude.  At a recent Elle event I wore a white dress with a black belt and then to make it more attitude-y I wore bright red lipstick.  I really like how Blake Lively dresses so also look to her red carpet looks for inspiration.

BATD: Have you got any favourite shops/designers that you swear by for these glamorous events?

Alexis: I really love Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs for special events but am quite happy wearing simple high-street clothes the rest of the time.

BATD: What do you think of this year’s bold and bright colour trends? Will you be wearing them or do you prefer a more subtle colour palette?

Alexis: I really love all the bright colours – I’ve just bought a bright purple blazer which I’m really excited about wearing.

BATD: What’s your favourite makeup look and what are the essentials you carry around with you to keep it looking great?

Nars Powder Foundation and Urban Decay Lipgloss

Nars Powder Foundation and Urban Decay Lipgloss

Alexis: I like to look fresh, young and sparkly! I like looking young and not too’done-up’, saying that I really like dramatic looks too sometimes – the other day my makeup artist did my mascara so it looked like I had 60s baby doll eyes! It was so cool.  My favourite products are Nars powder foundation and Urban Decay lip-gloss.

BATD: What are you favourite beauty buys?

Alexis: I love to look fresh-faced so I don’t actually wear that much make-up – however I always have a chapstick and lip gloss with me.  It’s always easy to apply these when you are on the go.

BATD: You must have to stay in shape doing what you do, do you have any tips for looking great. Healthy eating, exercise etc.

Alexis: I do so much dancing in rehearsals and for my performance that I don’t need to do anymore exercise.  I don’t smoke or drink either so I think it’s okay to have a few sweets from time to time.  I also make sure I get all my vitamins so I eat fruit when I get the chance.

BATD: What have you got planned for the future?

Alexis: I’ll be at home preparing for my tour which starts soon.  Running, dancing and exercising!

Alexis is fronting a new online competition, 2% Fashion, aimed at aspiring fashion designers and fans of the ‘white stuff’.  The competition can be found at its facebook page by clicking on the 2% Fashion tab where you can download a template, create a design and then email this to ‘make mine Milk’ HQ. More info is available at www.makeminemilk.co.uk.

Watch Alexis’ first UK hit below:

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