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Happy Socks by David LaChapelle

Happy Socks by David LaChapelle

Sit back, unwind and have a glass of sparkling water with lime zest.

At BATD everything that we write about is an indication of our appreciation for quality, style and fashion. When we do a tongue-and-cheek Q&A with men, then all it boils down to is their success story, charm and good looks!

No other brand name could have been more appropriate than the word “happy” for the two Co-founders, of Happy Socks, Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh.  Swedish brand, Happy Socks is a shining example that where there is a focus on quality, design innovation and a passion, then success is not far away!!!

The happy team of friends is namely Viktor Tell (long hair, bearded, sexy, creative genius) matched with the savvy monetary mind of Mikael Soderlindh (achingly stylish, dandy personified).

Viktor Tell and Mikael Sonderlindh

Viktor Tell and Mikael Sonderlindh

Dear Mr. Tell, do tell, how did Happy Socks happen?

V: Well Happy Socks was born in the spring of 2008. Mikael and I had a vision: to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece and the rest as they say is history.

I personally love history and biology. The main focus of Happy Socks?

V: Bold colours and pattern, rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity is the backbone of our product

Mr. Hotness, sorry I mean Mikael, who is your target buyer?

M: Well, the socks are unisex, so anybody who is fun, experimental with fashion is the ideal Happy Socks wearer. I mean there is a pair of happy socks for every occasion, mindset and style.

Mr. Tell you are the creative genius behind the happy designs. What inspires you?

V: I don’t go by fashion trends. I’m influenced by the travels I do and the architecture greatly influences my design process. Tokyo constantly inspires and amazes me.

Happy Socks is all about the boldness of colour mixed in with pattern. Would you say that is the essence of your brand?

V:  Well essence is happiness and I think colour or even bold patterns helps us to drop our inhibitions and can be used as a character in opening up new, exciting fashion possibilities.

Handsome Mikael, Happy Socks was formed in 2008 and now you have stores in New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Seoul and even Taipei. Where are you selling in the UK?

M: Well we are actually stocked in over 50 countries worldwide and UK stockists include Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Selfridges, Westfield and ASOS. And we are opening a flagship store in November on Foubert’s Place, Carnaby London.

So Viktor is the design genius behind Happy Socks and you are obviously the business mind behind it. Impress me with some numbers.

M: Well I was very clear from the beginning that I will not interfere with the creative side that Viktor does so well and that I will develop a product for the global market and build it based on quality, innovation and a clear strategy.

As far as the impressive figures, well Happy Socks sold 8 million pairs of socks last year and we are predicting a 50% growth for next year. Turnover last year was 10 million but this doesn’t take into account sales through worldwide distributors and as far as UK is concerned the growth has doubled since last year.


Ehhhh..yes. Are you married?



You two have had some amazing collaborations, from Mike Snow, Collette: Paris, Barneys:New York, Adidas, Manish Arora and now to the achingly hip commercial photographer David LaChapelle. What should we expect and who is on your wish list now?

V: Well collaborations are fun to do firstly, as far as David is concerned, expect the AW/13 campaign to be launched as an exhibition in stores worldwide on the 1st of November to be very sexy and controversial. In terms of the wish list well maybe Lady Gaga and definitely Hollywood comedy genius Bill Murray.

Tell us about the Pocket Collection being launched for this year’s winter holiday season Mikael?

M: Pocket Collection is a seasonal collection with new items and styles. The collection offers a variety of items with the iconic Happy Socks patterns, such as iphone/pad covers, leather wallets, beanies, mugs, pencils.

The Q&A began and ended with an afterthought of happiness and joy, inspiration and with massive crushes on the duo.

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