Interview with Celebrity PT Harley Pasternak

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As summer approaches we’ve been getting to grips with a handful of new diet books in a bid to increase our healthy-living approach to life whilst also minimise our waist lines.

First up we talk to celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak about his new Body Reset Diet Book. . .

Part I of the book is titled ‘A New Kind of Diet,’ how does this diet differ from other all the diets that are around at the moment?
The Body Reset Diet is different to other diets because, it takes no time at all. Blending takes literally 30 seconds so there is no weighing, counting or specialty shopping. The rapid weight loss in the first phase serves as a motivator to keep going. Studies show that people who lose significant weight at the beginning of a diet program are more likely to stick with it. And finally, you are eating filling smoothies plus meals five times a day so there is no suffering in a state of semi starvation, unlike some expensive membership- based or food delivery diets around. The Body Reset Diet can actively save you money by taking you back to the basics.
Based on sound science and research, it is also totally sustainable, you can follow the principles of The Body Reset Diet for the rest of your life with ease.

How hard is it to speed up your metabolism as you get older, any tips other than read your book!?
In my book I emphasise the concept of grazing versus gorging to continually stimulate our metabolism. I also stress that we need to keep moving. That doesn’t mean going to strenuous spin classes or boot camps – it is as simple as just walking more.

What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to lose weight?
I think the biggest mistake people make is that they think the harder they workout and the less they eat the more they lose when in fact the opposite is true. We need to workout less, to prevent injury and keep hunger at bay AND we need to eat more frequently to keep our metabolism revved all day.

The diet really emphasises the importance of smoothies. Why is drinking a smoothing more beneficial than eating a well-balanced meal or eating the foods in an unblended form?
Blending allows you to increase your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables while decreasing the effort it takes to do so. It can even disguise the taste and texture of foods that we know are good for us but may have previously avoided. Best of all your body can actually use the nutrients in these foods more efficiently in blended form because the blender breaks down the foods into molecules that are more efficiently metabolized and bioavailable.

The Reset Diet says that it will “blast fat and shed pounds in just 15 days.” How can the diet be maintained in the long-term and become more of a lifestyle and less of a quick fix?
The diet is composed of three phases. The third phase – The Rest of Your Life phase is designed to be sustainable, flexible and achievable. I’m not asking for any drastic changes to your lifestyle – it’s all about learning how to make little changes towards a huge impact.

Harley Pasternak

Can you share your favorite smoothie recipe with us?


5 raw almonds, whole or chopped
1 red apple, unpeeled, cored and chopped
1 small banana, frozen and cut into chunks
3/4 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup fat-free milk
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, or to taste

In a blender or food processer, blend the almonds until finely ground. (If your blender isn’t powerful enough to grind almonds, you can buy chopped almonds or even almond meal instead.) Add the apple, banana, yogurt, milk, and cinnamon. Blend until of desired consistency.

What’s your best tip for long-term success in this diet?
Focus on the process rather than a singular goal and allow yourself to be surprise by how great you look and feel and use that as your motivator.

The Body Reset Diet by Harley Pasternak is published by Simon & Schuster UK, priced £12.99.

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