Interview: Daniel Hundt

Mimi ON May 04, 2012 AT 4:09 pm

HTC Freefall

In a world-first, the HTC One X mobile phone captures a free-fall fashion shoot, the shots are uploaded before the model hits the ground – not literally! We speak to HTC designer Daniel Hundt.

Daniel Hundt


How do you approach designing a brand new phone? What are your initial processes?

We are a brand that is influenced by people. The great thing about working for HTC is that as well as designers, we are also smartphone users. This motivates us to continually search for the best solutions to bring a better experience to our consumers.

As designers we are natural observers. We take notice of industries such as art, architecture, fashion because they reflect what people are interested in, what they like and how they express themselves. We can then use these design cues for our phones.

We send our designers all over the world to inhale what is “happening”, in order to ensure that our devices are relevant in the marketplace. The HTC One Series has high-quality imaging capabilities and produces rich, authentic sound. The reason we focussed on these aspects is because everyone has their own memories, interests and relationships that define who they are and many of these special moments are captured by a photo or video, or even remembered with music. People are constantly relying on their smartphones to experience, capture and share these moments.  Last year, people uploaded 45 billion mobile photos to Facebook, so giving consumers the best camera experience possible is a huge priority for us.

How do you know when you have ‘finished’ designing a phone?

For designers, a design will never be 100% finished. We are always learning and there are always ways to make a product better as technology evolves. There is often a natural point when a design is declared finished but we always plug these learnings into the next device we design.

What features do you use most on your own personal phone – what apps etc?

I love the camera on my HTC One device. The great thing about the HTC One Series is that you can take a shot in just 0.7 seconds, so you will never have that frustrating feeling of missing an amazing photo opportunity because your camera is not quick enough.  Image quality is also brilliant because of the new ImageChip – meaning you can get high-quality images in the blink of an eye.

What do you think the future of the smartphone has in store?

The smartphone will continue to become true to its name. The true ‘smartphone’ will be a device that lives and grows with us. It will become even smarter over time and assist us in our daily lives by connecting services and making our lives easier.

What are your favourite features of this new phone that make it stand out from all other smartphones?

HTC Sense makes HTC devices different from any other. It is a unique software for HTC that delivers the best Android user experience by making things easier to use and by making your phone more personal to you. My favourite feature is that you can simply turn your phone over to stop it ringing – great for meetings!

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