Interview: Kelly Hoppen

Mimi ON Jul 03, 2012 AT 9:52 am

Kelly Hoppen

What is you biggest extravagance? 
My holidays – I love going on holiday. I don’t get away very often because I am so busy all of the time but when I do, I make sure that everything is perfect so I do spend quite a bit when I’m away. I really enjoy traveling, it helps me to find inspiration and relax.

Your known for your flaming red hair – what products do you use?
Kevin Murphy hair products are incredible. I use the shampoo, conditioner and Motion Lotion religiously. I also use moroccan oils in order to make it ultra soft and healthy looking. I have the best hairdresser who is brilliant at looking after my hair, her name is Magdalen Jagri from 10500 salon in Portobello, she has introduced me to some great products.

Where do you look for design inspiration? 
Everywhere, but wherever I have time to think I feel most inspired – I soak in everything that is around me especially nature or a piece of art. A clear mind always helps me to concentrate more on my designs and helps me to find inspiration.

Where are your favorite places in the world?
Nothing quite compares to the comfort of your own home does it? I love my home in Notting Hill, it is where I feel most comfortable and relaxed. However, if I’m away I love Capri and South Africa, its where I was born so being back there gives me a sense of warmth and great memories.

What’s your go to homeware shop in London?
There are so many but I do love to find special things for the home from Alfie’s Antiques Market. You can find some amazing, one-off pieces there.

Where is home to you?
My beautiful home in Notting Hill, London. I have been very happy living there and is the one place where I feel completely at ease.

Do you have a favourite London boutique?
Matches on Ledbury Road and Joseph in Westbourne Grove. I am always comfortable shopping there.

Is there anything you take on holiday with you to make it feel like home?
My boyfriend, John Gardiner.

Are there any food products that you cannot live without- either healthy or naughty treats? What is your healthy indulgence?
I can’t live without marmite on Ryvita, I’m addicted to it. I also cannot live without my fridge fills from my daughter Natasha. She is an alkaline chef and makes me wonderful meals for me to snack on during the day, all very healthy! And for a naughty treat, it has to be Green&Blacks chocolate – I love it.

Tell us something we may not know about you.
I always have marshmallows at home but I only like the white ones! It usually comes in a mixed pack of pink and white marshmallows so I take out all the pink ones and give them to the girls at the office and keep the white ones :)


Kelly Hoppen has partnered with Ryvita to create a special limited edition celebratory tin for its Crispbread to find out more visit

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