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by Annie Vischer

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Since she rose to fame in 2002 after winning a place as a member of the girl group on reality television show Popstars: The Rivals, and quickly became known as the blonde bombshell of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding has rarely bit out of the media spotlight. Girls Aloud went on to achieve 20 consecutive top 10 singles in the UK as well as releasing six albums that al went platinum. The glittering girl group disbanded for a time, and in the interim Sarah left head first into acting, setting pulses racing with her thigh skimming skirt in St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold as well as contibuting three solo songs to its soundtrack. No one could say she put her feet up.

2012 saw Girls Aloud reunite, ten years after they first came together. Having been involved in the music and acting industry for so many years, it was inevitable that Sarah would become somewhat of an unwitting expert in skincare and beauty. Any girl that can commit to taking off so much stage makeup each night whilst on tour, and still wakeup with fresh looking skin has to have something to contribute in terms of beauty knowledge. Luckily I got the chance to have a catch up with Miss Harding herself and find out, here are her words of wisdom.

I have learned a lot more about beauty since I was younger, and there is plenty I wish I had known. Not playing with spots is one, if I ever get a breakout now I know to leave well alone. I have a much better skincare routine now. Back then it was all about harsh cleansers and oxy-pads which really dehydrate skin, and my own is quite sensitive. Now I use FaceB4 twice a day, it cleanses my skin but is really gentle at the same time, it’s the best combination. If I have a breakout it tends to clear it up in just less than a week (which is comforting to know!), and my skin just radiates health. I had a photo shoot recently that I had flown in from LA for, and the flying played havoc with my skin. It was the first thing I turned to.

I’m very conscious that, although I love makeup, you have to make sure to treat yourself well on the inside to make yourself look even better on the outside. I’m a big fan of drinking juices as a way of getting all those key nutrients and vitamins into your system. I recently went on Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal which was wonderful. I’m a bit obsessed with it all now. I’ll add spirulina and a lot of vegetables to my juices, kale, spinach, avocados. I always sweeten it up with fruit like apples and sometimes pears. I’ll have a good juice like that to keep me going through the morning, a regular lunch and I’ll look forward  to a nice meal in the evening. I’ll let myself have the odd treat, it’s all about everything in moderation.

In terms of fitness I have a cross trainer at home, and use it regularly. I’m a big fan of Bikram Yoga too, it works you really hard, and I have found that the sauna type atmosphere really benefits my skin. It opens up the pores and allows it to really breathe.

I love makeup, I studied hair and beauty at college so I was very interested in the whole industry from the beginning. During the day I’ll wear as little as possible. I’ll use the little MAC Concealer pots to hide any prominent blemishes and brighten certain areas, then a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and that’s it. If I’m heading further than the shops I’ll add a bit of bronzer and mascara. When it comes to going out I love playing around with my look and getting ready. I’ll stick some music on and really enjoy it. I have fun with my hair too. I’ve gone long and short, and loved both. I’m getting a bit restless with my current style, and have no idea what I’ll do with it, who knows what will happen!

If I could name any beauty products that I couldn’t live without, it would have to be the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, and eyelash curlers. I always use eyelash curlers, whether I’m wearing mascara or not, the way they style your eyelashes open your eyes up so much. One trick I have learnt over the years that I use, is to add a tiny bit of shimmer to your lip look, just on the top. It won’t be overly noticeable but will really plump up your pout.’

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