Interview with Christian Louboutin

Mimi ON Aug 21, 2012 AT 9:17 am

Christian Louboutin

One of the world’s most adored shoe designers Christian Louboutin sits down with CNN’s Sara Sidner in his shop in Hong Kong, where he discusses establishing his high heel empire without formal training, the story behind the brand’s iconic red-lacquered soles, and the trademark battle with fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent.

The 49-year-old French designer describes the most extravagant pair of shoes he has ever made, and explains why he feels justified putting an expensive price tag on his products despite the current tough economic climate.

Louboutin also talks about how his thigh-high heeled boots (as worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Rita Ora), which come complete with pockets for a mobile phone, credit card and a pen, were inspired by the ‘CNN war reporter’-type woman.

Interview Credit: Welcome to “Talk Asia”, Christian Louboutin


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