Interview with Zip Fit Founder, Christopher Smith

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If you fall into the camp of Londoners who are far to be busy to be be fit, then you might want to readjust your approach and take a look at Zip Fit Club. Expert personal trainers who offer fun, full-body workouts in time restrictive sessions.

The Zip Fit concept is all about exercise efficiency. Packing in as much as possible into a personal one-to-one 30 minute session so that, thanks to the moves, fresh air and short-but-powerful workouts, you’ll burn fat (continuing to zap calories for up to 24 hours post workout), let off steam and shape up.

So, let’s talk Gucci yoga mats, hunting for single men in the park plus some serious fitness tete-a-tete, with the very personal trainer, Zip Fit founder Christopher Smith.

Zip Fit Club

How many weeks/ months will it take to see effective results. You will never see results immediately and any trainer who tells you that is telling you a little porky. Our bodies need a number of weeks to neurologically adapt to new stimulus and bring about a response. If you come along to no more than x 3 sessions per week for 5 weeks and beyond, you will see some great results. All ability levels are catered for and our groups are small, so you will never get lost in the crowd.

We’ve gotten quite into our protein shakes. What are the benefits for women? Most of the women we train do not consume enough protein for fear of bulking up. What you all need to know is that protein is needed for the growth, formation and repair of body cells. Regular exercisers need more protein to compensate for the increased muscle breakdown that occurs during and after intense exercise. They are an essential part of healthy diet.

Zip Fit  Tip – skip buying the expensive post exercise drink and consume 500ml of semi skimmed milk post workout. The carb and protein mix in milk makes for a perfect recovery drink.

Is it true that workouts have to be longer than 35 minutes to burn fat? This is another old age myth about exercise. You must think about calories in and calories out when considering fat loss. Yes it’s true that we burn a higher percentage of fat at a lower intensity, but if you burn more calories over a shorter period of time the actual amount of fat metabolised will be greater. If that makes sense!

Bikini body in 2 weeks! That’s what we all want, really. So what’s the best exercise and diet for that beach body? If it was only that simple! But you can go some way towards changes to your body right now. The Monkey March is a whole body workout all packaged up in to one exercise. Squat, crawl out on your hands to a push up position, complete x 1 push up, crawl back in and stand up. Repeat until you reach overload (the maximum amount of reps you can do with good technique).

We keep hearing that bodies are made in the kitchen! Why do I need to join a gym or have a pt then? There is an element of this that is true and we shouldn’t underestimate how effective the right food plan can be. However, we need to remember that exercise and movement is fundamental to what makes us human. We need exercise to release stress, anxiety, develop motor skills, balance and co-ordination. A mixture of cardio and resistance keeps our bones dense, our muscles strong and heart and respiratory system functioning efficiently. Do we need any more reasons to drop the chocolate bar, do up our laces and get moving?

No pain. No gain. An overused, fitness jab don’t you think? Absolutely! At Zip Fit we aim to get the most out of you, but do it using a scientific approach. The amount of times I see people slogging it out at the gym or in the parks and getting it all wrong is incredible.

Pop along to Zip Fit and learn how to exercise the right way. I know, often, personal training sessions can be expensive, but are you not worth the investment? It will save you a fortune in the long run and will make your future workouts far more effective.

Are your sessions lunch time specific? What if I want to work out, at or during happy hour? You have just given me an idea for a Zip Fit social! Ha! Our product is mainly geared towards the busy city worker, but Zip Fit have just obtained a licence to run group exercise in Hyde Park and so we are now running Tuesday and Thursday evening classes too.

What dietary advice or support do u offer? We have just introduced a 28 day nutrition plan that we are encouraging our members to use. It has been designed to zap some unwanted fat and getting our members in to some good eating habits.

Do you have group sessions? If so; are there a lot of single men in these groups? Zip Fit’s group sessions are growing in popularity, so if you want to meet some fresh faces and step away from the norm then we are the outdoor fitness company for you.

Apart from this season’s must-have trainers (we’re eyeing up the new Nike Free Bionics) and the ultimate in yoga mats, what else do I need to bring to the sessions? Ha! For now it’s just a case of turning up in appropriate sportswear, with a smile on your face and a willingness to listen and learn.

Can I Tweet, Instagram, Flickr during the sessions?! I’d like to see you try! Our workouts are fun, fast blasts of exercise. There’s barely time to think (not even about shopping) let alone type out a text message. I might allow it if your tweeting ’Zip Fit is the new craze in London for all switched on office workers’ but even that I’d rather you did post-session rather than mid.

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