Kristen Stewart’s Live Chat With Balenciaga

Mimi ON Oct 19, 2012 AT 10:47 am

Yesterday evening, Kristen Stewart took part in a live chat to answer fans’ questions about the new fragrance, Florabotanica, from the fashion house, Balenciaga, of whom she is the face. If you missed the conversation, where Kristen got a grilling about all things fragrance and fashion, you can watch the video again here.

Kristen Stewart Live Balenciaga Florabotanica Chat

And here’s an insight into Kristen’s views,

In what  way did Balenciaga change your vision of fashion? 

I started so young having to have a relationship with fashion because of red carpet events etc. It’s strange. I wanted it to be smooth sailing. I wanted to just do my job but that all comes with it. I did a photoshoot with Nicholas when I was around 14 and it was the first time that doing a high fashion shoot felt like telling a story. It evoked a feeling. That’s what I think fashion should do – fashion can bring things out of you that you wouldn’t expect. It can definitely unlock yourself and help you to discover yourself.

If Florabotanica would be a story or movie what could it be?

Nicholas has a whole theory behind the imagery and the root of the scent and all that. He imagined a girl sifting through a garden that is gorgeous and intoxicating but dangerous. She needs genuinie curiosity and gusto to do it – Picking flowers that could kill her and taking the beauty out of them. ANd this, (Florabotanica) is the derivative.

Describe in three words the fragrance. 

That’s tough. I think dangerous, very French and fresh. One thing about fragrances – you can start to smell like an old lady, sometimes they’re fake and like a chemical. I don’t get that with this at all.

What flower is your favourite? 

I love gardenias 

What colour best represents Florabotanica?

I think possibly red – or a combination of red and yellow. It’s not in your face but there’s a definite boldness to it. Vivid.

What do you feel when you smell Florabotanica? 

It’s funny, because I’m 22 – I’ve never really worn very many other fragrances. This is the first time I’ve dealt with that I think that it probably could be for me it could put me on a step up – it steps up your game. It’s a vague answer. It’s curious. It doesnt smell like a typical fragrance. It’s warm, it’s hot. It’s derived from a floral base but it’s not flowery, it’s not too sweet. it’s natural.

How would you describe it’s personality if Florabotanica were a person?

Everything that Nicholas produces I feel like it draws fearless people. You need to be an individual in order to wear Balenciaga and even in this fragrance you need a fearlessness. It’s not to be denied. It’s someone that wants to be there. It’s daring. It’s present. I think someone who’s willing to let their face hang out.

When you speak about the personality – do you speak abut yourself? 
Yes i hope so. I try to do that everythday.




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