This Week’s Air Signs

Mimi ON May 31, 2010 AT 9:04 am

Gemini - Bar Refaeli

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


With the Sun still in your sign the focus remains on you and your wellbeing. Friends are great to have around you right now as they are firing you up with great plans for the coming year. What’s really great is that the ideas they help you with will be backed up by their physical help so you won’t be tackling these new things on your own. Anything to do on the house front is likely to be delayed for a few weeks so don’t spend energy trying to push things forward as shortly they’ll move on their own accord. Your role at work has been expanding and you should be settling down into new responsibilities and getting on really well there.

Libra - Simon Cowell


You still need a bit of time on your own with your thoughts, you’ve come to the end of a cycle and are reviewing what has been happening and how that has changed the way you see your world. It has also given you the opportunity to make fresh choices about how you go forward. Love life looks good at the moment and it’s a time where the person you are with will be around for a long time, this is a genuine relationship rather than a fling. The Sun in your 10th house will bring your prominence at work and you’ll find your efforts there are gaining you the recognition you deserve.

Aquarius - Alicia Keys


Your mind is feeling really sharp and it’s a time where you will enjoy studies and learning new things. Your energy levels are also good and you might find yourself taking up a sport. Pleasure comes from being playful with children and ideas you have in this time will be fresh and new. You feel youthful in your outlook on life and things are feeling lighter than they have done for some time – a weight has been lifted. Love life remains a source of fun and pleasure so enjoy your week as there are lots of good times showing in your stars!

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