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Mimi ON Jul 23, 2010 AT 4:58 pm

Gemini - Clint Eastwood

Gemini - Clint Eastwood

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


Mars joins Saturn and so you have a planet that energises your thoughts working with a planet that organises them! It’s going to be a bit like having a celestial PA for a bit – and you need one of those right now! There’s a lot going on in your head and you can use the momentum you have now to set plans in action. Jupiter is messing about a bit in your house of gains, something good that felt close may seem to move further away for a bit. You have plenty to be working with though so don’t stress about that. Today’s full Moon will focus your thinking about the quality of your life.

Your Power Animal : Boar – Face your problems head on with confidence and courage and you will emerge victorious.

Libra - John Mayer

Libra - John Mayer


Libra – more change for you this week as Mars joins Saturn in your sign. This will give you much more positive energy to get plans made and things done. You’ll have lots of physical energy so tackle any tasks that you’ve been putting off! The Sun has moved into your house of gains so expect something nice and unexpected to come your way over the next couple of weeks, you deserve it – you’ve had a bit of hard time earlier in this year! But now things are steaming ahead although there could be a bit of a hiccup on the love life front.If someone who is close seems to need their space – let them have it.

Your Power Animal : Elk – stand tall and maintain your dignity no matter what, and others will treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Aquarius - Heather Graham

Aquarius - Heather Graham


Today’s full Moon happens in your sign so you can justifiably spend today thinking about yourself and your needs – it’s important that you take this opportunity to do that. Your chart has been going through changes and that continues as Mars joins your ruler Saturn – this should help you in the areas of home and good fortunes. (how lovely!) The Sun is shining in your love life so you can settle into enjoying that area of your life whilst you have lots going on elsewhere. Times are looking good now and there is more to come so be ready to enjoy life!

Your Power Animal : Meerkat – Get support from a trusted group of likeminded friends.

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