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Mimi ON Jan 10, 2011 AT 9:40 am

Gemini - Clint Eastwood

Gemini - Clint Eastwood

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


This week you are going to be enjoying the benefits of having both Mercury – the planet of communication, and Venus – the planet of luxury and beauty, together in the house of your relationships. Overall you have your feet planted solidly in the ground and you are perfectly placed to win friends and influence people! You’ll be quite irresistible and you can enjoy being the centre of attention!

Your Power Animal : Cheetah – Get clear on your intention. Stay focussed and move quickly to achieve your goal.

Libra - John Mayer

Libra - John Mayer


I’m sorry, I’m on about Saturn again this week! I know I make it sound like a pesky planet that has caused restrictions and some losses to you, but it has a really important job to do. It’s been getting you to shed things you no longer need in your life and also teaching you about patience and discipline (drat!) It really is a housekeeping planet getting you into good shape for the next 29years! Those of you old enough may look back at 29 years ago and find that you were in a similar space. It’s a really good thing to be going on and it won’t be long before a new future is unfolding for you – bear with it!

Your Power Animal:  Camel – Trust that you have the resources to get through the challenges before you.

Aquarius - Heather Graham

Aquarius - Heather Graham


It’s important that you look after your energy reserves this week. Things will shortly be changing – when Mars moves into your sign later this month. You’ll need to be ready as that is going to prove to be a positively demanding phase! That’s not in a bad way, it’s just going to feel very different. Recently you’ve been able to coast along a bit, and that’s going to come to an end – get ready and get yourself in the best shape you can!

Your Power Animal : Mountain Goat - There’s something out of balance in your life, so do whatever you need to do to correct it.

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