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Mimi ON Jan 31, 2011 AT 10:13 am

Gemini - Courteney Cox

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


Ooh – an exciting week where all things foreign are well starred! Relationships are favoured and you may find yourself meeting new people, perhaps even a ‘special one!’ What you express now has a big impact going forward – so maybe just check in with your brain before you launch out an opinion! It may be spot on but just check how it will be received for a smooth ride this week! Thing is you have some really good thoughts to share and to get out there – you are in a place from where you will broaden your horizons!

Your Power Animal: Mouse – You’re overlooking some important details, so pay closer attention to what’s going on.

Hugh Jackman - Libra

Hugh Jackman - Libra


You’ll make a couple of fresh connections with people this week, a bit of networking going on me thinks. Romance is heightened as is the urge to enjoy doing things with people close to you. The position of Mars also joins the Venus party so that will spice things up even more! You’ll have a playful sense about you all week! Property and family matters may be going through change but it’s change for the better.

You’re Power Animal Roadrunner – Keep your sense of humour and don’t take things to seriously.

Aquarius - Mischa Barton

Aquarius - Mischa Barton


Well you are clearly in your element this week! With the New moon in your sign on the 3rd and the beginning of the Chinese year of the rabbit around the same time you can expect these signs to be good omens for the whole of this year! Because this is going to begin a busy time, it’s important that you look after your diet and general physical well being to be able to meet the opportunities coming your way!

Your Power Animal: Mountain Goat - There’s something out of balance in your life, so do whatever you need to do to correct it.

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