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Mimi ON May 03, 2011 AT 9:39 pm

Heidi Klum - Gemini

Heidi Klum - Gemini

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


Ooh! I’m so excited for you Geminis!! Not only does the special Moon sit your sign on the 5th of May, you have other planetary aspects which suggest you are about to embark on some kind of very exciting future! With the presence of Jupiter in your 11th house I think you can expect to get a clue of where lots of progress lies – in unexpected areas!. A time of an expanding plethora of opportunities in life and financial gains! Remember this won’t all happen this week but it’s the beginning of a longer game!

Your Power Animal: Panther – Panther medicine comes when you need to regain your inner power – he walks with you now to give you confidence and strength.

Jennifer Aniston - Aquarius

Jennifer Aniston - Aquarius


Oh my word, after an amazing April things continue to get better in May! 5 planets are sitting in the house that represents your mind and your creative thinking – it’s like you are tapping directly into power the universe!

You will feel confident and ready to speak out about your ideas – which will gain much support from those around you. Even better if you can coincide your delivery of this news on May 5th – even if not this is a special month for you!

Your Power Animal – Emu – This is a good time to go on a new adventure.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Libra

Gwyneth Paltrow - Libra


You have a knack of setting up relationships and teams that just can’t fail. Maybe that didn’t quite come together in April but with Mercury now moving again things should happen more easily and successfully. Your house of partnerships is verily stuffed with planets just now so that means that professionally; socially and romantically things should be going your way! I think you have every reason to break out a bottle of Champers as May is going to get better as it goes on!

Your Power Animal – Zebra – let go of your fear and know that you are safe and protected at all times.

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