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Mimi ON May 31, 2011 AT 1:30 pm

Natalie Portman - Gemini

Natalie Portman - Gemini

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


You will benefit from the eclipse on 1st June as it falls in your sign. It heralds a new beginning and renewed vitality! And then you get Mercury passing through Gemini which is its own sign – so that’s a very positive time where you will be able to express to others what you goals are and how you want to achieve them! Mercury is quicksilver and that’s who you personify this week! So the world is your lobster, in both work and play you are in for a very busy time – have a great week!

Power Animal – Tiger – You’re being called upon to provide leadership, so trust that you’re capable of doing so.

Kate Winslet - Libra

Kate Winslet - Libra


You benefit from the solar eclipse on the 1st. You’ll sense that you are in balance right now and with that comes a sense of strength and solidity. Relationships are going well and you will find very few obstacles in your way and not that you can’t negotiate! Your thoughts are totally in harmony with your goals – when we feel like this the universe cannot help but respond and work behind the scenes to make things flow even better for you – so relax, enjoy and go with the flow!

Your Power Animal Zebra – let go of your fear and know that you are safe and protected at all times.

Justin Timberlake - Aquarius

Justin Timberlake - Aquarius


The solar eclipse is really good for you this week, you are in tune with the world and that means that life will flow smoothly. Things you aim for should come quite easily and you’ll be having a stress free time! Use this time to touch base with people you’ve been out of touch with for a while. So some social time with these people will be quite important. Usually life goes by so quickly you don’t have time, well now you do so get out there and enjoy yourself!

Power Animal – Mouse – You’re overlooking some important details, so pay closer attention to what’s going on.

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