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Mimi ON Jul 11, 2011 AT 11:37 am

Johnny Depp - Gemini

Johnny Depp - Gemini

Want to know what will be happening this week? Gemini, Libra and Aquarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


If you have recently suffered a loss of a partner or found a break in a business relationship then although it may feel harsh at the moment, in the long run you will understand why this had to happen. Mars is playing a part in what happens over the next couple of years and he will bring you strength and a decisiveness that you never knew you had. I know that you don’t like change but this is a time where old systems and networks that don’t serve you well can be changed – so chin up and get ready to take on the world that leads you to a better future!

Power Animal – Wolverine – You’re a lot tougher than you think you are.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Libra

Gwyneth Paltrow - Libra


You have had a lot of responsibilities and challenges down to Saturn being in your sign, he is still there so there is no let up on that front yet, in fact it runs to 2012. However, this is all going to serve you well as you will be able to face just about anything without panicking or grumbling in the future. This is a phase that is putting you on the anvil of life to be knocked into good shape! Of course it isn’t all hard work and no fun, it’s important that you do schedule in the fun, socialising and pampering that will help you look after yourself.

Your Power Animal Boar – Face your problems head-on with confidence and courage and you will emerge victorious.

Justin Timberlake - Aquarius

Justin Timberlake - Aquarius


The lunar eclipse in June may have seen a friend move away from you, now you will just be beginning to feel the impact of that as the dust settles. Mars is working well in your chart and is in a position that it will help you get over this loss and move on more quickly. July 15th is a special day for you where you have the opportunity to break old habits and cycles and give you a window of opportunity where you can make choices about what you want in your future! This is on a psychological level more than a physical one so be open to seeing things in a new way!

Power Animal – Shark – Trust your instincts to discern the truth of the situation.

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