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BATD ON Jun 07, 2010 AT 10:15 am

Amanda Peet - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


For sometime the position of the lunar node Rahu (a place where eclipses are possible) has been assisting you in getting whatever you set your mind to. It’s time to clean up you life and get rid of any toxic relationships that have come to your attention – you don’t need them. Try not to be aggressive towards the end of the week, keep your cool and express yourself clearly but firmly and you’ll get the results you want. There’s a sense of wanting a new beginning, a fresh slate to work from and it’s yours for the taking – go for it.

Audrey Hepburn - Taurus


Looks like a great week for you, your determination is high and anything involving creative writing or communications should go well. Towards the end of the week is the time to make commitments and spend a bit more leisure hours enjoying listening to music, theatre, the arts – time for a bit of culture – so surf the net and see what’s on in your area. You’ll also feel like you need some time to yourself so make sure you schedule that into your diary. You may have noticed that some unusual opportunities have been coming your way – stop wondering why and just enjoy them!

Michael Jackson - Virgo


Mars has entered your sign with all his vigorous energy for you! You’ll become like a warrior  – able to accomplish many things and able to organise your plans. Your have so much drive that you’ll get things done quickly and efficiently. If there has been anything hounding you lately, now you have the gumption to stand up to whatever it is and defend yourself successfully. The heat of Mars could make you a little bossy or argumentative (not a normal Virgo trait) so that might feel a little unfamiliar. The Sun is warming up your work life and the new Moon there on the 12th could be the start of a new project or era there.

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