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Mimi ON May 23, 2011 AT 10:57 am

Taylor Swift - Capricorn

Taylor Swift - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


Things are still a bit wild and unpredictable in your world. That’s all down to Pluto who is very much like the clutsy dog of disney’s making. You can never be quite sure you know what’s coming or what outcomes will be whilst he is at play. Your mood will be a little up and down, one minute you can see light at the end of the tunnel, the next you aren’t even sure which tunnel you are meant to be in! But worry not, this is being confusing so that you can reevaluate the direction you are going to take next!

Your Power Animal Walrus – Remain vigilant about the current situation: pay attention to signs and omens and let them dictate your choices.

Channing Tatum - Taurus

Channing Tatum - Taurus


No doubt you are getting used to attention as you have Mars, Venus and Mercury in your sign this week. Whenever Mars and Venus get together you can bet there is plenty of passion around! It’s good you have Mercury there too as that helps communications. So if you have just recently met a new beau things should be going along absolutely fabulously! For any in relationship this set up brings a bit of extra zing and for any of you who are single – watch out – that may well not be the case for long! So go on out there and be gorgeous!

Your Power Animal – Peacock – Let yourself stand out and be noticed.

Adam Sandler - Virgo

Adam Sandler - Virgo


With Neptune in Pisces, your opposite sign, it looks as healing will be high on the list of happenings this week. It may be that it’s time for you to go to someone for healing but equally you may find people are drawn to you for that same energy of healing that’s around you.

In your work life you may find that you are seeing past a veil that had been in place and you have a eureka moment as your realize the truth about something going on there. It’s the presence of Ketu a lunar node, that does this – it allows you to see through any smoke and mirrors that someone is presenting to you.

Power Animal  - Chimpanzee – use both your intuition and your intellect to solve the problem or get answers to your question.

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