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Mimi ON Jun 06, 2011 AT 2:53 pm

Sienna Miller - Capricorn

Sienna Miller - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


The eclipses that are happening during the weeks around now are having a profound effect on you. It is likely that you may have been having a difficult time in your life from someone who is Cancerian, or perhaps a relationship has come to a natural end. Now a bit of good news is that after some months of being retrograde (appearing to go backwards) Saturn is now on the move from the 12th, he is your ruler and with his motion you’ll begin to see and sense changes happening in your life. Till now you have been clearing up old projects but now you can begin to take new projects on and move them forward.

Your Power Animal – Honeybee – Let compassion and forgiveness be your top priority in this situation.

Robert Pattinson - Taurus

Robert Pattinson - Taurus


This week you can begin to look forward to a lot of good things coming to you as a very special visitor in coming into play in your chart! Jupiter – the bringer of gifts and expansion of plans and ideas! And even better news is that he stays active for you for a whole year! So – you can expect some special events to be in store for you! It’s also fab for romance, if you have a partner then that relationship is going to get even better and if you are single, then now is the time when you could meet Mr or Mrs right! Whoopeee – good times ahead!

Your Power Animal – Panther – Panther medicine comes when you need to regain your inner power – he walks with you now to give you confidence and strength.

Jada Pinkett-Smith - Virgo

Jada Pinkett-Smith - Virgo


We are currently in a run of eclipses and two of those happen in quite powerful places in your chart. Think back around 14-17 years ago and watch for similar circumstances turning up in your life now. This is because it is a cycle that has returned. From this you will understand what you need to do different in life and what you do that works well. It put’s your reactions to the test, so it’s a time to be self aware. In the past few years you had some hard times and little celestial support, now the planets are lined up in such a way that you will feel their support and get the help you need. That often comes via people that enter into your life…watch for your angels!

Power Animal  - Power Animal – Ant – use the ant’s medicine  he is the Symbol of Team Work, Oneness and Patience.

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