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Mimi ON Jun 13, 2011 AT 11:39 am

Denzel Washington - Capricorn

Denzel Washington - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


You’ve been experiencing  a lot of change recently and that will continue. Some of what is happening is a bit painful but the energies all point to this being a transformative time for you. You know how they say “no pain, no gain” well unfortunately that’s what’s going on for you. At least you have Saturn your ruler moving forwards again. He will help you stabilize and regain the structure that always makes you feel more in control. So my advice is to just take one day at a time this week.

Your Power Animal – Honeybee – Let compassion and forgiveness be your top priority in this situation.

Jessica Alba - Taurus

Jessica Alba - Taurus


I wonder how many of you can begin to sense Jupiter’s energy yet? Are you feeling more optimistic than you have done for ages – well that’s exactly what Jupiter brings. It’s a fantastic planet to have working with you, where you can achieve loads and make plans for the long term. Mars is also in your sign and he always brings vitality and energy into whatever you do! It’s also a good week to be a little indulgent, just a little naughty – like eating the whole bar of chocolate instead of just biting a chunk off, or giving in to a craving for a cream cake!

Your Power Animal – Panther – Panther medicine comes when you need to regain your inner power – he walks with you now to give you confidence and strength.

Cameron Diaz - Virgo

Cameron Diaz - Virgo


Last week I asked you to keep a look out for your angels, they come to you in mysterious ways but they work hard reflecting things back to you and giving you a sense of support. A few things may be a little annoying this week but they won’t be big enough to throw you off balance. And balance is the word for your week really – things life work/home relationships could come under the microscope because you have been neglecting some parts of your life – time for a review along with some compromises!

Power Animal  - Power Animal – Ant – use the ant’s medicine  he is the Symbol of Team Work, Oneness and Patience.

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