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Mimi ON Jul 18, 2011 AT 10:38 am

Patrick Dempsey - Capricorn

Patrick Dempsey - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


Home life and home base are still high on the list in your mind. How much energy do you have? That’s the question that you must ask yourself. Ideally to get the outcome you want would mean splitting your self into two people, this is not possible and would be very messy…so, part of what you have to do this week is look at your personal resources, match them to the tasks that are achievable and stay calm. It’s also possible that you might have further calls on your energy from a parent. You are very good at holding the tension and that’s what you need to do right now to get the best outcomes.

Your Power Animal - Tarot Card – the Chariot – the key is balance – so that you hold the reins of the two horses pulling your chariot in the same direction – this card enables you to focus on the future and not just the immediate moment.

Taurus - Cher

Taurus - Cher


Shoes, my darling, that’s my suggestion for you this week. Things have been a bit heavy and all work and no play makes a girl dull – and we can’t have that. So lighten up this week and thoroughly treat yourself! Astrologer’s orders!! I also say that as purchases bought during August could cause problems, so buy now and avoid hassle! Also you get to enjoy things sooner and don’t you lovely Venus ruled people love to immerse yourself in luxury!

Your Power Animal – Roadrunner – Keep your sense of humour and don’t take things to seriously.

Adam Sandler - Virgo

Adam Sandler - Virgo


There has been a lot of help from high places around for you this month, I hope you have made the most of it. It’s been wonderful for opening doors into worlds that you thought you would always have to watch rather than experience.! It also continues to be an excellent month for you socially – rarely do you experience this much demand for your presence – this will last until the end of the month. Come August you will be into more solitary pursuits so enjoy playing now!

Power Animal  - Meerkat – Get support from a trusted group of like-minded friends.

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