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Mimi ON Jul 25, 2011 AT 11:45 am

Orlando Bloom - Capricorn

Orlando Bloom - Capricorn

Want to know what will be happening this week? Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


The run of eclipses we’ve had recently have impacted your life. One of the purposes of an eclipse is to show you something that has been hidden from your view. Odd that, considering eclipses block things out – but that’s how it works. You have done a lot of work, someone who was pushing or trying to bully you has been seen off by your own personal strength and now you can begin to look inwards again at your personal needs. It’s quite likely that you’ll be drawn to sprucing up the place where you live.

Your Power Animal - Pueo (Owl) – Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them.

George Clooney - Taurus

George Clooney - Taurus


Oh Taurus, what a lovely week for you! You start the week with the moon in your sign which will bring your emotions into the fore, you have the planet of good fortune, Jupiter in your sign and Venus your ruler in the house of your friends and alliances. So what I hear you say!! Well lovely Taureans, it means that you are able to luxuriate in your senses, you will be popular with friends of both sexes and you have time to simply be yourself. It won’t take much effort to see through anyone who isn’t being genuine this week and you’ll let them know that in the nicest possible way!

Your Power Animal – Humpback Whale – Music is essential to your healing and well-being, whether singing, playing and instrument or listening.

Beyonce - Virgo

Beyonce - Virgo


Hmmn, you have a tricky chart to read this week. What I can see is that something connected to property that started last month may come back into the fore around 26th July. There is also a strong link to foreign places of people of another nationality that will have quite an impact on you, in a good way. With the Sun now moved into your 12th house of refinement, you’ll be wanting to have a good clear out, take your stuff to a car boot sale or simply give away those things that you no longer need.

Power Animal  - Eagle – let eagle take you to a higher perspective to see the truth of a situation.

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