This Week’s Fire Signs

BATD ON Mar 01, 2010 AT 9:02 am

Aries - Sarah Jessica Parker

Want to know what will be happening this week? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.

A time for strengthening partnerships – be they business or personal. It’s also a good time if you are getting married! Travel to foreign countries or work with foreign people could  prove to be a profitable exercise. It does look as though something unusual is about to happen with your career so make yourself more marketable and be ready for what comes. On the home front it’s time for a clear up and perhaps set up some Feng Shui techniques to bring more harmony and flow into your life – put a wind chime in your hall way or passage for your career path.

Leo -Whitney Houston

You’ll be feeling stimulated to accomplish many things, your energy levels are high and you might find yourself being frustrated that others aren’t as lively as you are just now. If you need to defend yourself in any way, now is the best time to do it but avoid getting into heated arguments to do so. That shouldn’t be too hard as the softness of the Moon is assisting your speech to be gentle. Patience will be necessary this week as with this high octane energy driving you it’s important that you don’t barge around as you could be more accident prone at the moment – pace yourself!!

Sagittarius - Brad Pitt

This is a week to focus on your home environment, you’ll be wanting to spruce it up a bit and will enjoy spending some time in the oasis you create. As was said last week, you have a lot coming up on the horizon for 2010 and it’s important that you guard against falling back into any old habits you may have given up. Take care to speak nice things to people and be careful of what you eat – there’s a chance of a tummy upset. Saturn will be bringing stability to your cash flow presently and on the work front it’s time to raise your profile and build up your reputation.

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