This Week’s Fire Signs

Mimi ON Apr 05, 2010 AT 9:33 am

Aries - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Want to know what will be happening this week? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


You still have the Sun in your sign so you continue to be feeling strong and full of energy. Anything to do with communications of any kind should go smoothly as you have Mercury and Venus in the house of speech – causing you to be both you clear and persuasive in what you say. You’ll be a brilliant project manager at the moment, staying on top of things and great at rallying other people to support your ideas. Things might continue to seem a bit blocked on the relationship front but it looks as though you’ll be to busy to worry too much about that!

Leo - Edward Norton


Following on from last week, it’s still likely that some faces from the past might be turning up – if they do you’ll really get a fresh look at the experiences you had connected with them. You’ll realize how much you have changed and developed over time and how you won’t fall into any pitfalls as easily as you may have done in the past. Being a Leo, you always go at things full on with vigour – which is one of your engaging traits, however – you have got your fingers burned before and are in the process at becoming better at evaluating whether to jump in or hold back.

Sagittarius - Tyra Banks


Saturn should be bringing stability to your cash flow and helping to consolidate friendships and relationships. It looks like the places representing your home and creativity are going to be active- so it’s quite likely that you be tackling your abode and giving some rooms a facelift! Or if you are house hunting you could very well find the one you are looking for. Career is still going as you want it to and with that so is longer term financial security. It looks like you are in for a busy week! Make time to relax at the weekend – and enjoy!

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