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Mimi ON Jun 21, 2010 AT 10:11 am

Lady GaGa - Aries

Want to know what will be happening this week? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you. 


Jupiter is in your sign for sometime and you’ll be gaining a greater sense of your self and becoming wiser by the day as Jupiter is the teacher of wisdom. It’s going to be a bit like growing up for the second time but not painful way as Jupiter is always gentle with us. For you the summer solstice happens in your 4th house so the summer will occupy you with thoughts about your home and your vehicles, maybe choosing whether or not to change them. If you think you want to it’s likely to happen after autumn. Your career is getting a boost right now so don’t be surprised if you are offered promotion or even a pay rise.

Aries – Power animal this week – Mouse – You’re overlooking some important details, so pay attention to what’s going on.

Sandra Bullock - Leo

Sandra Bullock - Leo


Things continue to lighten up now that Mars has left your sign where it had been for several months creating pressure for you. The summer solstice is happening in your 12th house so it’s quite likely that your thoughts over summer will turn to clearing things out of your life that no longer serve you. Leo is a magnetic sign and you always tend to draw a lot to you, now an again it’s good to have a clear out else you get overwhelmed and feel exhausted. You are beginning to get ready to enter a whole new phase in life – how exciting!  

Power animal this week – Polar Bear – Stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately with no attachment to the outcome.

Sagittarius- Scarlett Johansson


Work is still taking up a lot of your thinking time, muse on things but no urgent action is needed just now. The best thing you can do right now is get other people to help you with what needs doing and give yourself some TLC, a spa day would be just what the doctor orders!

The summer solstice is happening in your 8th house which will have you recognising the strength of your own personal power and so it’s important that you also think about how to use that in a positive way to get the best out of it in the long run. 

Power animal this week – Camel - Trust you have the resources you need to get through the challenges before you.

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