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Mimi ON Sep 13, 2010 AT 8:30 am

Aries - Reese Witherspoon

Aries - Reese Witherspoon

Want to know what will be happening this week? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you. 


At last! A quieter week for you! This is the perfect time to review all the activity of the last few months and to begin to get your head around things. Saturn in your opposite sign could be beginning to bring you up against obstinacy in people and possibly it won’t be long before you are changing your relationships or at least putting them on a different footing. That isn’t something you need to think about right now, it’s something that is going to gradually become clearer to you over the coming months. So this week, put your feet up, nothing new or too exciting is going to happen so relax!

Your Power Animal : Penguin – Octopus – practice altering your physical appearance and mannerisms, what does it feel like?

Leo - Sean Penn

Leo - Sean Penn


This week some of the focus is around finances. It’s time to keep spending in proportion and don’t either overspend or short change yourself. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves as they say. Just go with the flow this week, there is a chance of a disagreement with a member of the opposite sex but seriously, this is not worth getting your knickers in a twist for! Both home and work may be on your mind at the moment but just think and review things there. Don’t force any actions, you request has already gone out to the universe and it will deliver to you in its own timescale.

Your Power Animal : Meerkat – Get support from a trusted group of like-minded friends.

Sagittarius - Lucy Liu

Sagittarius - Lucy Liu


Things are going to go reasonably smoothly for you this week – nothing major due to happen! Those born in late Sagittarius may find that a bubble of something you’ve been bigging up could burst, which is a bit of a bother but you‘ll pick yourself up easily and plug on – it‘s not serious. So although mostly quiet, you are in a position to put your ducks in a row in readiness for the late Autumn when Mars will move into your sign. With Jupiter now back in your 4th house of home you are likely to be wanting to relax and spend time there. Make the most of it – things will soon get busy again!

Your Power Animal : Ladybird – This is a time of good fortune and abundance, so be willing to receive all good things into your life.

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