This Week’s Fire Signs

Mimi ON Nov 15, 2010 AT 12:01 pm

Kristen Stewart - Aries

Kristen Stewart - Aries

Want to know what will be happening this week? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius pay attention as our astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you.


Romance is still looking good although you might find some old issues arising that need to be sorted out in the area. It’s possible that there may be something cancelled this week, it’s a bit annoying but you can use the time it gives you back to catch up on things that you need to get into order – be that paperwork or catching up with old friends. Either way, it’s quite a sociable week for you and there is plenty to enjoy, despite the hiccups!

Your Power Animal : Unicorn - Indulge your creative, imaginative and magical side through some form of artistic expression.

Leo - Kevin Spacey

Leo - Kevin Spacey


It’s tricky being a Leo not in a relationship at the moment. There seems to be somebody who, although not your usual type, that is taking up quite a lot of your thinking time at the moment. Maybe it’s time to reassess exactly what you think your ‘type’ is? This person may not be dynamic, handsome and rich but there is a great deal more to them – at least, they seem to have caught your attention! Work is looking positive and money is coming a little easier than usual, which is nice – because as a Leo, there will always be that little something you need!!

Your Power Animal : Walrus - Remain vigilant about the current situation: pay attention to signs and omens and let them dictate your choices.

Sagittarius - Lucy Liu

Sagittarius - Lucy Liu


Mars is still bringing out loads of physical energy in you, so it’s the perfect time to take on jobs or activities that will use that up. If you don’t you’ll feel a bit deflated and flat as the energy turns in on you – so use it up!! Mercury is also in your sign which will allow your mind to be quick and intuitive. Mercury will also bring out your childlike side so make time for that and enjoy yourself!! Towards the end of the week an interesting opportunity may come up – it’s a long term thing so don’t feel you have to commit yourself immediately.

Your Power Animal : Blue Heron - Make a stand for what you believe in and do what feels right in spite of any judgment of disapproval  from others.

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