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Mimi ON Jul 05, 2010 AT 9:46 am

Tom Cruise - Cancer

Tom Cruise - Cancer

Want to know what will be happening this week? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces pay attention as astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


Gosh you are firing on all cylinders this week! Your mind is clear and you are decisive about what ever you focus on. You can observe and take in information around you in an instant. That clarity carries over into what you say, and this week you are going to have quite a lot to say – people will take note – if only because they notice such a difference in you! Your career is being boosted by the energy of expansive Jupiter and you’ll be on a roll! With the Sun in your sign you’ll also be evaluating your self-image, maybe it’s time to update it to reflect the new you!

Your Power Animal : Weasel – Be silent, pay attention and simply observe with your eyes, ears and physical feelings what is happening inside and all around you.

Scorpio - Kelly Osbourne


It’s an interesting week for you where you may well be in contact with someone who lives some distance away. You are gaining the perspective of a bigger picture rather than details. Because of this it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the diary as you could be so wrapped up in a long term vision that you miss a date in the diary which would prove a pain to rearrange! With the Sun in your 9th house you are also likely to be thinking philosophically about the way life is in general, and how that fits with the way you want to live your own life.

Your Power Animal : Wolverine – you are a lot tougher than you think you are.

Carrie Underwood - Pisces

Carrie Underwood - Pisces


You have so much going on in the 5th house of your mind! Mercury and the Sun are both there which will enable you to think outside the box a lot more easily than usual. You’ll be mentally sharper and will tend to seek out your more intellectual friends and acquaintances than those who just want to talk about the mundane. Complications still remain in your relationship house and this might be a good time to grasp that thinking capacity you have right now, create some headspace, and apply it to looking towards the outcome you want for your romantic life. 

Your Power Animal : Snow Leopard – Take some time out of your usual life and spend it in solitude.

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