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Mimi ON Aug 16, 2010 AT 12:06 pm

Will Ferrell - Cancer

Will Ferrell - Cancer

Want to know what will be happening this week? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces pay attention as astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


There’s a lot of energy in your 4th house of home and the place that you live so that area could be a little complicated and full this week. Despite some outward turmoil just now you have the ability to zone out and go off into your imagination where you are likely to find solutions to things that you normally wouldn’t have the brain access to. Much of you energy is around ‘the meaning of your life’ and how you want to be – insights in to yourself bring the perfect opportunity for choices to change and refine who you are. And all this inner work goes on whilst you life your daily life – and this week you’ll feel overall happy because you can see a way forward.

Your Power Animal : Condor – You’re too enmeshed in this situation, so step back and see the bigger picture before making and decisions or taking action

Scorpio - Jodie Foster

Scorpio - Jodie Foster


You start the week with the Moon in your sign which will allow you to be in touch with your emotions. You are intuitive anyway but that will be hightened this week so take note of what your instinct is telling you. There is so much going on in your 12th house, Libra, which will have you mulling over the past and choosing to make changes in your present based on what you’ve learned from previous experiences. A bit of nostalgia might arise but if you look at it honestly you may realise you are wearing rose tinted glasses and it actually wasn’t that good really!

Your Power Animal : Octopus – Play with altering your physical appearance and mannerisms.

Pisces - Drew Barrymore

Pisces - Drew Barrymore


The big thing happening for you is the presence of Uranus in your sign. It’s job is to ’stir the pot’ to wake up your non conforming side and to look at things in a new way. This brings out your natural idealist as you look at your world. It’s a time when you can let your rebellious child self run free without boundaries so that you can see how you would like things to be. This can act as a catalyst to show you how you can’t change the world ’out there’ but you do have the power to affect the world ’in here’ – inside of you.

Your Power Animal : Snow Leopard – take some time out of your usual life and spend it in solitude.

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