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Mimi ON Apr 11, 2011 AT 10:15 am

Selena Gomez - Cancer

Selena Gomez - Cancer

Want to know what will be happening this week? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces pay attention as astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


You start off the week with the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, in your sign. So you might find that early in the week you are a little sensitive. Remember that people don’t always realize how deeply you take things in and be big and don’t take things to heart. As the week goes on you can expect good things to be happening on the career front – so especially important not to read to much into any thoughtless remarks you hear in the first half of the week.

Your power animal – Eagle – let eagle take you to a higher perspective to see the truth of a situation.

Anne Hathaway - Scorpio

Anne Hathaway - Scorpio


Look after your health this month, you have some firey planets in the house of health so you could have some heat related health issues – that’s anything from heat rashes to one of those annoying spots that turn up on your chin for no reason on the very night you want to look good! The heat can also turn up as feelings of anger or frustration so remember to stay cool! Saturn is still clearing up a bit of old karma and you can expect that to bring up people from the past – you may well bump in to someone you haven’t seen for donkey’s years…

Your Power Animal: – Platypus – Stop complaining and focus your attention on the blessings in your life.

Jessica Biel - Pisces

Jessica Biel - Pisces


The toughest bits of 2011 are going to be passing for you soon, and you’ll be tempted to relax – which is fine – even till the end of this month – however don’t get to comfortable as the good stuff is coming your way and will need a lot of energy! You will find that during this quieter time you have realizations that will have the effect of changing your opinions and attitudes about things that you though you had sorted. Best place for realizations is in the bath so run a big bubbly one!

Your Power Animal – Chimpanzee – use both your intuition and your intellect to solve the problem or get answers to your question.

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