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Mimi ON Aug 22, 2011 AT 12:16 pm

Matthew Fox - Cancer

Matthew Fox - Cancer

Want to know what will be happening this week? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces pay attention as astrologer Veronica Time fills you in on what the stars have in store for you!


You have been going through an important time for most of August, it’s been a time where change and letting go of things, places and people have all been necessary. You are starting a new cycle and whilst there may be some hiccups at first – it’s going to come right. Your job is to get all your ducks lined up in a row and not set foot on your new just yet. You may find yourself a little scatty or forgetful at times at the moment, you might leave your phone somewhere obscure or lose your keys. Don’t fret – it’s just because your head is full of so much!! The time to act is coming but hold on a bit longer till things settle.

You’re Power animalSeagull – Now is the time for deep emotional healing.

Meg Ryan - Scorpio


Career matters that came up at the end of July continue to dominate your thoughts. A retrograde Mercury will have been playing havoc with timing of meetings that have to be moved, problems with IT and electrical items. Nothing much you can do about that but do watch out for the new Moon on 29th of August as what happens on this day is a big clue to the direction things are moving in. Meantime, don’t try and push anything forward, just sit back and hold the tension and let things unfold.

Your Power Animal –  Manatee – Accept the situation as it is rather than fighting to change it.

Pisces - Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford - Pisces


The second half of August may not be as hectic as the first part but you are coming closer to a conclusion around your working life. August should be bringing work that you love and an increased income with it. Where there are documents to be signed, please don’t do this before the 29th when we have a new Moon. Signing before that when the Moon is waning will mean that the long term prospects may fizzle out. You have Mars with you this month in the most creative part of your chart and that will give you both energy to go forwards and an ingenious way of achieving your goals!

Your Power Animal – Ladybird – This is a time of good fortune and abundance, so be willing to receive all good things into your life.

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