Interview: Tara Lee

Mimi ON Jul 24, 2012 AT 8:15 am

Tara Lee

How would you characterise your style of yoga? My style is a dynamic flowing sequence of yoga postures and I use music. My yoga is for people who want to gain strength and flexibility in their bodies and a feeling of more calm in their minds.

Why do you think yoga as a practice has become so popular? I think people want something more than just a work out for their bodies and yoga provides many benefits for the mind too. In our busy, stressful lives we are searching for ways to feel more calm and centered.

Do you see yoga as a practice for body or mind or both? The asanas (poses) help the body stay strong and flexible whilst the breathing (pranayama) helps us to connect more deeply to ourselves and therefore brings calm and clarity to the mind.

Do you train your celebrity clients (Cat Deeley, Laura Bailey etc.) any differently than you train non celebrities? No but I may focus on tools that they can use for big events if they are performing, such as breathing techniques, to keep them  more calm and focused.

Are there any specific practices you recommend for slimming down or toning up for an occasion? I don’t suggest quick fix solutions but regular practice of yoga will help people get a more toned, lean body. Diet and the food choices you make are also important. When you start feeling more in tune with your body through yoga, you are more likely to make good choices for yourself with your diet.

What’s the best piece of fitness advice you can give? Make sure you have fun and find a class or teacher you enjoy learning from. If it’s fun and enjoyable you are much more likely to stick with it. Don’t just do a long session once a week or so, you will benefit far more from doing frequent, shorter sessions. If you can’t get to classes, DVDs are an excellent way to fit yoga into your busy schedule. My new DVD is suitable for beginners and all levels and will give you 10 or 20 minute options so that there’s never an excuse not to do it!

Tara Lee Elements of Yoga: Earth Foundation DVD is available from 30 April at Amazon priced at £10.99 and features three 20 minute sequences to be played either in succession for a complete yoga workout or as individual sessions.

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