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Tom Bachik

Tom Bachik

By The Beauty Button

Now if you haven’t read TBB’s last post about the AMAZING manicures that we both got from Tom Bachik and his team for the launch of the new Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polishes, we’ve managed to pin the manicurist-to-the-stars down for a few minutes – before he jetted back to LA – to ask him a few quick questions.

Tom Bachik is the go to guy for celebrities wanted their talons perfectly tailored, however his start in the nail business was unconventional to say the least – think along the lines of a background in graphic design and penchant for the skaterboy lifestyle! It seems to have paid off though as he became the first celebrity manicurist for Chanel and now has his own nail range. Read on to find out more about him…

TBB: How did you get started in the nail industry?

Tom: What attracted me to the beauty industry, and particularly nails, was all the opportunities available limited only by my ambition. I originally went to school for graphic design, but with a child on the way, the starving artist gig wouldn’t cut it. I needed a quick change in careers that could generate an almost instant income – who would have guessed…Ha!

Artisitic Colour Gloss

The Artisitic Colour Gloss range

TBB: You’ve just brought out your own range of Colour Gloss Gel Polishes. How did the development of the brand come about? Was it something you felt your clients needed/ were asking for?

Tom: Yes, I saw opportunities in the nail colour market to do things a bit bigger, better and different, and a need in the professional industry where nail colour was concerned – Artistic Colour Gloss is the answer to both.

TBB: What makes it better than regular nail polish and its other gel competitors?

Tom: Colour Gloss has been designed to apply like polish in a very thin application but with the durability of a gel. This allows the best of both worlds – unlike traditional gels (that can look thick and false) you get a very thin finished product – and unlike traditional polish it is completely dry in less than 30sec when used with the Artistic LED light for up to 3 weeks of high gloss shine!

TBB: Can you use the range at home?

Tom: Although easy enough to use at home, this is a product designed for the salon and will achieve best results when applied by a professional.

TBB: Did you work on any of the fashion week shows this year and if so what nail styles did you opt for?

Tom: I didn’t – instead I took the easy road and just did all my clients to attend fashion week *laughs*

TBB: Which do you prefer and why; show work, editorial work or private appointments?

That’s tough because they all have aspects I love – I don’t do shows anymore really, as living in LA requires me to travel for too long.

Colour Gloss Manicure

Our Colour Gloss Manicures

TBB: What nail trends do you see being huge this season?

Tom: I think nail art is peaking its head back in but in the form of just a little personal style – An accent nail or two is all that’s needed to show you have a little “sumthin’ sumthin’”

TBB: How about for Fall 2011 (Autumn/Winter)? Have you seen any trends to look out for?

Tom: Actually keep an eye out for dimensional metallic’s, reminiscent of a beetle shell or iridescent feathers -we saw pearls and shimmers give depth to colour for spring/summer and I think there will be a continuation but more so.

Quick fire:

TBB: Favourite colour in the range?

Tom: Right now I would have to say the on-trend three are; ‘All The Rage’, ‘Vogue’ and ’Posh’.


Nails with dimensional metallics

TBB: Favourite celebrity client?

Tom: Like I could choose just one?!

TBB: Favourite red carpet nail colour?

Tom: Foxy (Red) and Posh (a 70s taupey biege).

TBB: Rounded or squared nails?

Tom: Ovalesque.

TBB: French manicure or block colour?

Tom: Block.

TBB: Favourite ever nail trend?

Tom: Airbrushing.

TBB: Best ever nail tip?

Tom: Cuticle Oil nightly -re-moisturizes skin, makes polish and natural nails more flexible to help prevent chipping and pealing.

NB: TBB love Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil for £9.25 from www.beautybay.com.

Nails cost from £25 for a full set and you can see the range at www.louellabelle.co.uk or call 0844 8009396 for more information.

Also you can get the Artistic Colour Gloss gel manicure at Equus salon for £50.

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