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Nataliya Robinson, Knightsbridge.

Nataliya Robinson’s Treatment Room

I had heard so many good things about Nataliyia’s facials that I was beyond excited to get an appointment with her. I think regular facials are so important, especially as you hit 35+ seeing an expert in skincare and putting your face in the hands of a specialist is the way to go. I have never had botox and am not a fan of anything injectible, so looking after my complexion naturally is how I want to defy gravity and keep the wrinkles away.

My first treatment with Nataliyia Robinson started by finding out about my overall health, lifestyle and looking at my skin type and condition. From there she decided what I needed to concentrate on to improve the condition of my skin and the type of facial she will give me to start the process.

Nataliya Robinson.

Nataliya Robinson.

Arriving at her lovely treatment room feels very exclusive and it is stylishly decorated, all white in a very luxury setting, black and white photos of 60′s film stars grace the walls and the soft sounds of French jazz lull you into a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

The bed is comfy and snug and my bespoke facial began, I knew I was in for a treat, after a full consultation on what I was looking for and how she would proceed. The first 2 steps consisted of gentle exfoliation of dead cells utilising Cocoa enzyme Peel followed by Diamond microdermabrasion. This method avoids inflammation.  This prepares the skin for further treatment following exfoliation the skin is ready to absorb the ingredients from the serums Nataliyia uses.

The next step was electrical Mesotherapy, using a “virtual needle”called Hydroelectrophoresis (rather than actual needles) this uses an electrical current to “push “ the ingredients further into the skin, avoiding the waste that happens when precious ingredients simply sit on the surface of the skin. The ingredients themselves come from sterile vials containing pure active ingredients without any preservatives or other chemicals which might interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.

After the electrical treatment she then gave me a bespoke face massage concentrating on deep tissues to relax tense facial muscles and promote muscle recovery and lifting. This was something I had asked for, as I feel it is a very important part of any facial, and I know my face needs this to release tension and your face can look completely different after a good massage.

I was so impressed with my facial, I loved it, my skin was transformed, I felt like I had a youthful glow and my skin felt plump and lifted. (The only place on your body you are proud to say is plump!)

The other great thing about going to Nataliyia is that she tries out so many different brands and products and is not affiliated to any one that she absolutely uses the best products on the market, there is no compromise with any stage of the facial and she can recommended after care that will be effective with no commission or brand behind. This kind of independent advice is really valuable when we are swamped with so many ‘miracle’ creams and serums I loved being able to chat to her about all the ranges I use and see what she thinks.

If you are serious about your facials and really want to see results this is my number one place in London you should go to, I’m not going anywhere else.

Nataliya Robinson, Chelsea, by appointment only, 07774 544455.


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