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Victoria Beckham for Vogue

Victoria Beckham for Vogue

After her live Skype chat and after New York Fashion Week, the fashion world is on tenterhooks for any snippet of news on the nation’s beloved Victoria Beckham. This year she will open her first stand-alone store on London’s Dover Street in Autumn. Last year British Vogue held an interview with the designer during the Vogue Festival. British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman introduced Victoria to the audience, and conducted the interview throughout.

It was clear that Victoria endeared herself to her fashion savvy audience within the first few moments of her appearing on stage, as she exclaimed modestly and the number of people that had turned out to hear her speak. As soon as she talks she seems worlds away from the stiletto-wearing designer persona she appears to take on in front of the paparazzi, hiding herself away behind sunglasses and oversized coats alike.

The interview is detailed, personal and a fabulous insight into her life as a fashion designer. Take a look.

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