A Chocolately Collaboration

Mimi ON Oct 21, 2010 AT 10:01 am

Paul A Young chocolate bunch of grapes

Paul A Young chocolate bunch of grapes

I first saw Paul A. Young chocolates via Mary Portas on her fantastic Queen of Shops TV series. Here is a collaboration I would like to taste, and I know it’s too early to say the C word but maybe a little stocking filler idea too.

Cornish wine producer, Mark Hellyar, and renowned Chocolatier Paul A.Young have collaborated to give us these amazing chocolates in the shape of a bunch of grapes.

The chocolate is made from the ‘new claret’ Chateau Civrac 2006 which has a rich, fruity taste and  is produced in Bordeaux. We’re thinking it would definitely be a fab present for any wine or chocolate lover.

The chocolate bunch of grapes are £3.95 and can be purchased from Paul A. Young chocolate boutiques in Islington and the Royal Exchange.

For more information about the wine used visit www.civrac.com

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