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by Krista Madden

A Friend's Favourite Flower.

A Friend’s Favourite Flower.

My friend and I met under funny circumstances in a nightclub, in the days when I used to go to them! We were both standing at the bar with our groups of friends when he accidentally spilled his whole drink down me.

I was wearing a string of designer names. I looked at him and just rolled them all off my tongue. I said ‘How could you do that to my Gucci and Prada?!’ with an Emily-Blunt-in-The-Devil-Wears-Prada type stare.

I was joking, but also a bit annoyed that my outfit and shoes were drenched. He just came straight back at me with a recital of his own list of designer names he was wearing and we just laughed. We immediately bonded over our labels and have been brilliant friends ever since. That was over 15 years ago and we still laugh about it now.

The Flower Council of Holland invited Beauty And The Dirt to take part in their Facebook challenge to guess a friend’s favourite flower and be in with a chance of winning a bouquet of flowers. Really it was just another excuse to have another giggle and prove just how well I know him by answering another few questions.

Favourite cafe?
He loves Honey & Co in Warren St, W1. Fantastic food, the best pastries and it has a really friendly charming atmosphere.

Favourite place to shop?
When he is not trying to make his Zara look like Dior – he loves, and shops in Dior.

Favourite city?
He was born in Dubai and spent his childhood in Singapore, so he just loves our UK weather – London is his favourite city.

Favourite movie?
He is currently crazy over Tom Hardy, so anything with him in it.

Favourite flower?
He likes a classic rose – long stem red roses are his favourite.

Favourite fragrance?
He wears Victor & Rolf Spice Bomb.

If you think you can guess your best friend’s favourite flower just as easily, enter the Flower Council of Holland Facebook challenge and you could win a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Beauty And The Dirt is nominating The Life Edit.

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