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by Annie Vischer

It won’t be surprising for you to learn that I, your beauty and fashion journo for BATD, is a little bit of a book worm. Yes, I know, thoroughly predictable. And to that end, I always seem to keep myself up to date with the seasonal releases and launches, whether by having a quick browse through Amazon or popping into Waterstones to breathe in that heady brand-new-book smell, flick through the latest coffee table must-haves and skip over for a foray into the fiction shelves for a leisurely scan over any new looking covers and blurbs.

Here is BATD’s pick of the best girly reads this Christmas, coffee table hardbacks, romantic fiction ‘n all!

Aerin Lauder Beauty At Home

Aerin Lauder Beauty At Home


Aerin Lauder Beauty At Home, £50.00 - Aerin Lauder opens the doors to her beautiful New York apartment, and shows us just how the beauty of the Lauder dynasty is translated in interior design and her own little decorative twists, whilst at the same time giving a glimpse into her family life and hostess based quirks and routines.

It, by Alexa Chung, £16.99 – Fashion sensation Alexa Chung shares photos, doodles, observations and little tit bits from her earliest inspirations, whether they be her grandparents or the Spice Girls.

Christmas at Claridges by Karen Swan, £7.99 – This November sees the publication of the latest from Karen Swan, fresh from the popularity of Christmas at Tiffany’s, Karen Swan brings us the story of Clem, who’s two lives, past and present, are represented by two very different places, Portobello and Portofino. What will she fine when she returns to one of them to confront her past?

In My Shoes: A Memoir by Tamara Mellon, £20.00 – It’s a story of money, power, turbulent relationships. And shoes. As she sits happily at the helm of her new ventures, Tamara Mellon takes time to recollect and take us through her intrepid journey to the top, from the moment her father first lent her the money to start her own business, through attempted takeovers to the present day. It’s an inspirational story for would-be entrepreneurs, and a near tell-all for those fashion savvy folk who are keen to learn more about the woman that gave us Jimmy Choo.

Parisian Chic Weekly Planner 2014, by Ines de la Fressange, £12.96  - This is a beautifully…well…chic, engagement planner that is small enough to simply slip into your handbag and produce at a moments notice. Full of wonderful illustrations as well as humorous and noteworthy tips from Ines herself about fashion and beauty, this is a perfectly unique little Christmas present to gift this season.

Rookie Yearbook Two, £19.99 – Tavi Gevinson created a magazine made by and for teenage girls in 2011, and it caused a sensation. She launched the magazine when she was just fourteen, and within six days it had racked up over a million page views. The yearbook combines essays from young girls themselves, as well as inspirational interviews with the likes of Emma Watson, Chris Ware and Carrie Brownstein. It’s an enlightening read for young girls and established women alike.

Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope, £18.99 – This modern adaptation of Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope marks the first in a series under The Austen Project, which will see renowned authors of the present day take on the story lines of one of the most prolific female writers in history. Trollope brings the characters of Marianne and Eleanor Dashwood to modern day London. I was brought up on Austen romances and latch onto any form of adaptation, whether it involve a heaving bosom and dashing breechered and booted hero or not. In fact…I’m pretty sure Father Christmas already has this one stashed away for me already. Shh!

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