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Almond Butter: The Facts.

Almond Butter: The Facts.

We have been long-time fans of this little jar sitting in our kitchen cupboards at home. Almond butter! If you’re already shying away because peanut butter has a bad reputation calorie content-wise, then turn around and come back; almond butter is in a league of its own.

The danger with peanut butter is that it’s so popular, and many varieties now contain far too many additives, sugar and salt to even say it is part of the healthy food bracket. Almond butter, however, is generally created with a wholefoods customer base in mind so tends not to include any of the above.

The best type to go for is raw almond butter. Spread it on apples or pears, onto rye bread, celery sticks or simply eat it on its own. It’s tasty whether you opt for the crunchy or smooth variety, add a little cinnamon, honey or salt to up the yum factor! But be sparing.

It’s a fab addition to smoothies, pot breakfasts, or even just to jazz up your banana cake recipe.

Almonds are the most nutritionally-dense of nuts and they pack a serious protein boost. Each tablespoon of almond butter contains as much protein as the same amount of meat. Who would have thought? A teaspoon of it is worth more than 25% of your daily Vitamin E requirement too! It also regulates blood sugar and reduces bad cholesterol, helping out with controlling blood pressure.

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut Butters

Make sure you check it out. We love Pip & Nuts variety of butters; including their Almond Butter with a little extra added goodness – Coconut. It’s seriously yummy.



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