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Anti Gravity Yoga

Beauty and the Dirt were invited by Always Infinity to the London Dance Academy to try their AntiGravity yoga class. They are the only studio in London offering the class which is what they call a ‘fusion technique’, a bridge between fitness and traditional yoga methods. It is the latest fitness trend to hit the UK and was created by Christopher Harrison the man who co-founded dance troup Cirque du Soleil. It is a series of movements on a hammock which is said to improve your blood flow, stretch out your spine and refresh your body systems.

The bright blue hammocks we were faced with in the studio was a slightly alarming sight but I did indeed find myself hanging upside down with pretty much just my hips supporting me on this hammock, a great experience, proving your body can do amazing things if you just try. Always Infinity wanted us to try this class to show how comfortable we can be in our bodies whatever we happen to be doing whilst wearing their new revolutionary pad.

It’s one of those things we don’t like to talk about let’s face it. We keep it to ourselves, that monthly call of nature that we all want to keep as discreet as possible. Thankfully we have more options today than our Mothers when they experienced it as young women.

As I think most women will agree Always already have a product range we can trust but behind the scenes they have been researching and experimenting in order to release a revolutionary new pad to give us even more comfort and freedom. It is the most exciting Always innovation to hit the market for over 20 years. The Always Infinity product is the only pad of it’s kind in that it is made from a liquid foam to absorb liquid as opposed to fibres which most regular pads contain.

This means we have ultimate comfort and confidence at a time of the month we all dread. It makes a massive difference in terms of worrying about wearing too clingy clothes when wearing an Always Infinity pad. The new foam innovation means it just moulds to your body (like a memory foam pillow) so you barely feel it. Whether you are running around town, working out, or chilling out it works with your body’s movements and it goes back to it’s original shape with almost no bunching.

You can find out more at We’d love you to try the Always Infinity products too and so we have one pack to giveaway. To win simply answer the question below:

Who created Anti Gravity yoga?

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